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Next President of the United Fates of America

Trump not happy with the daily news ... he grumbles to his aides,

Quote:"Manafort this and Manafort that" ...  

It is a wild trial.
Unexplained delays, the judge can't remember shit from shinola on his own rulings.
Manafort's life over the last 4 years,
is completely accounted for by the typical media outlets on a daily basis.
None the less, there is a distinct tracking of exactly what Manafort did,
to scam up bank loans,
to pay mounting debts from his lavish lifestyle,
generated by the gravy days in Ukraine with Yanukovich.

Manafort's "consulting business" ... had no clients, only Yanukovich.
the article is from Washington Post ... and they pile on the steamy details.
An amazing account of Manafort using the Trump campaign position to get bank loans.
go to link,
for details,
one excerpt caught my eye Hmm2
The Manafort scramble: Raising millions for himself even as he ran Trump’s campaign

Quote:The texts,
are part of a cache of more than 285,000 messages,
hacked from Andrea Manafort’s phone and deposited on the “dark net” in 2016. 

The trial stands a real good chance of ending in a mistrial as each day unfolds.
That would be Manafort's lucky day,
but he will never get another bank loan,
and his debts must be quickly exceeding his last 16 million $ loan.
If the trial makes it all the way to jury decision,
my guess is that Manafort is toast.


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