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Next President of the United Fates of America
'The View' host Joy Blowhar says -- 'white men' -- are protecting 'guilty' Brett Kavanaugh

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQHflTQv4D8jh-PqoGLJB1...lDLdqoeHgM]

Me Too Movement.
It's out of control.
Al Franken.
Ryan Lizza.
Victims of Me Too Movement Insanity.
These bitches consume their own democritters.
Vampires on National TV,
essentially teaching stupid young women to lie and make false accusations.

35 years later,
high school party girl Blase-Ford makes attempted rape allegations against Kavanaugh.
Where was the police report 35 years ago?
She didn't even tell mom and dad?
I bet she wasn't even supposed to be at ... high school ... drunken parties.
My bets are that she dropped her soiled lace panties down plenty,
at those high school parties.

None of them can take a joke ... or a poke ... in their manufactured ...  No Sex Dysfunctional Society.

From Old White Guys Fun With Guns Magazine Reefer

[Image: xSrWmO6.jpg]

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