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Next President of the United Fates of America

Juicy material from -- believe it or not -- The WSJ -- Wall Street Journal


Quote:Universities now play cop, prosecutor, judge and jury in campus sexual-assault cases, 
often without allowing due process rights to the accused. 

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals last week issued an important rebuke 
to these Title IX proceedings that ought to become a national standard.

The universities are Crazie like Mazie -- that's Crazie Mazie Hirono

When I was up at the University recently here doing x ray diffraction of minerals for a few years,
I was clearly warned Whip
with a single female student while in the basement geology lab"

"always make sure that another student or professor is present -- as a witness"

in order to:
protect yourself from possible inflated or totally fabricated:

WALL STREET JOURNAL PODCAST  on Kavanaugh and Ford accusations and the Democrat pantomine
-- this one is good -- don't miss
audio podcast 
by WSJ  -- Potomac Watch
only 15 minutes long <---

some podcast notes:
Ford demands:
to appear last Nonono
questions only by senators -- no reporters  Tp
limit cross Sheep  examination 

WSJ -- limits by Ford demands -- make it hard to get to the truth.
WSJ -- The last thing Democrats want is -- due process Whip
WSJ --Blasey- Ford demands -- that they go around the entire process -- 
and set their own senate rules <---

WSJ -- Kamala Harris doesn't care about Ford or Kavanaugh,
she just plays to her perceived Democratic base

WSJ -- Democrats "piggy backing" on the -- Me Too Movement

WSJ --How does Kavanaugh prove -- that nothing happened? -- It's impossible.

WSJ --No such thing anymore -- such as pursuit of the truth <---


WSJ trashes senator Crazie Mazie Hirono

WSJ news opinion on US Senator -- Crazie Hirono -- 
Quote Hirono:
-- women need to be believed -- without any proof -- just by accusation alone <---


Dianne Feinstein -- Kamala Harris -- Crazie Hirono -- Me Too Movement Vampires

No such thing anymore -- such as pursuit of the truth

WSJ trashes senator Crazie Mazie Hirono
The Presumption of Guilt
The new liberal standard turns American due process upside down.

[Image: kN11AVe.jpg]

All of the female Democrats are fucking Crazie Mazie's.
Me Too Movement Vampires Whip
on the loose Scream
in the US senate  Horsepoop

Thursday with Blasey-Ford  -- The Blood Suckers Ball -- Halloween in DC


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