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Next President of the United Fates of America

Bombs addressed and mailed to the long list of Democratic personalities,
have been allegedly  manufactured by another concealed Unibomber.
Former CIA Brennan on the long list,
was an interesting choice along with De Niro,
Maxine "Maxi Pad" Black Pennywise Waters,
takes the cake.

The bomb maker would have gotten much more mileage,
by sending all the bombs,
Maxine Whip  Maxi Yak Pad Whip  Waters.

[Image: GettyImages-1052942288-640x480.jpg]

For all we know this whole event is a George Soros financed psyop Hmm2 

That's just as plausible as the lunatic toy maker,
they intend to find.
He is probably out  there crybabying about the CIA implants in his teeth Rofl
and the voices in his head,
giving him instructions from his Deep State handler that George payed handsomely. 

Reminds me of the old forum wars here a decade ago with The Rat,
and her entourage of Puthoff and Targ mind control victims.
One guy was always complaining about his CIA teeth implants driving him bananas.
Wook finally told him to get all his teeth pulled Lol

The FBI and such, will be about to surround, infiltrate and capture the looney tune,
when he commits suicide and disappears into a body bag.
CNN faking breaking news,
will have his high school year book dissected to broadcast his morbid Pimp idiosyncrasies, 
and his abused ex-girlfriend ready tailored for an exclusive interview. 

George Soros gets a call from De Niro,
with a thumbs up approval of deep state money well spent.

Maxine straps on another replacement Maxi Pad,
underneath her Black Pennywise pant suit, 
and then blames the whole affair on Trump white nazi's,
while demanding that he be removed from office by impeachment.

Don Lemon got another blow job from fuckwit Avenatti,
and Stormy Daniels pornicated up some quick revenue,
to pay Trump's Smoke attorneys.


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