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Next President of the United Fates of America
5200 troops being sent to the border 

a WALL would be better

birthright citizenship about to be canned by Trump

Sicko-sucko-psycho-implant Sayoc stuffed away in a prison,
who gets to talk to him?
They probably sent in Puthoff  Rofl

I need one of those: Comcast Sucks window stickers!

The event aftermath in Pittsburgh that Trump and Melania are visiting today ...
I don't see this as any different than any other mass killing,
but this happened to Jews in church.

I don't understand these killer clowns and some of their targets -- especially the Jewish synagogue.
I could see why a Muslim Ghoul would do want to construe an attack like this,
but this guy,
kind of ate a bad terd and went banana splitsky on a terror binge.

I have always been pro- Israeli,
but at the same time,
I can still refer to Netanyahu by my nickname for him:
and that does not make me anti-Jew.

I don't like Soros at all, Nonono
but that doesn't make me anti-Jew.
The CNN News Jews on the other hand want to lump all conservatives into the same shit hole.

Fuck Don Cow Lemon,
and his blow job queen Avenatti.

Anderson Cooper - he pretends to look masculine only when he stands next to Stormy Daniels.

Gloria Phantasm Borger still looks like the Tall Man from Phantasm,
Bakari Sellers is still the original Black Pennywise.

Brian Stelter,
is actually Erin Kelly without the fake titties and a wig.

we can go down the list and spell it out ... C-N-N  S-U-C-K-S

Elections a few days away, send the blue wave into a deep grave.
uh oh
that might be construed as ... terror talk Uhoh
naw, it is poetic flow, that's all.

Putin and Trump --- to meet in Paris on 11 11.
Talking about nuclear treaties.
Russians are getting too much of  a military advantage with recent military hardware developments.
Chinese the same.

The fucking border will be packed with migrant caravans no doubt organized by Soros operatives.
He doesn't really want them here either,
It is another  Soros financed psyop right before the election?

lets go on a George Soros clown tour on google image search

[Image: FullSizeRender.jpg]

another ben garrison special:
[Image: Ben-Garrison-Soros-head-Ass-Clown.jpg]

[Image: antifa-cartoon-ben-garrison_1_orig.jpg]

george zombified soros

[Image: Soros-Zombie.jpg]

[Image: f9771a9bae3af56a5e5af67952a6bc06.jpg]

[Image: HillaryClintoPuppetOfGeorgeSoros14231242...5773_o.jpg]

C-N-N -- spell it out -- S-U-C-K-S


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