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Next President of the United Fates of America

It is fairly obvious that Clown Prince Bin Salman orchestrated the murder of Khashoggi.
His game is no different than Putin's pantomime whenever a Russian is assassinated.
But the Saudi's are stupid and careless,
and the Russians have that old game down pat.

Merkel in Germany retaliates and stops all sales of military weapons to the Saudi's.
Bin Salman farted and laughed at the same time when he heard that,
and if Merkel,
is that serious about European political action against foreign political killings,
let's see Merkel,

Fat chance.
Economics rule this planet.
Not fake news "American values" , as professed by the C.orporate N.ews N.azis.,
with nasty racists like Don Cow Lemon,
and Bakari Black Pennywise Sellers,
teaching and promoting hate to their viewers,
as evidenced by Lemon and his comments about  --white men -- being the overall national problem. 

If we had to react to all the  global political killings and jailings,
with overtly strong sanctions and cancellation of business opportunities,
we would have a rapid economic recession and decline,
and the global economy would slide into the toilet,
much faster than the Deep State has plans for.

Trump did the exact right thing.
We cannot cancel the business contracts and all those billions of dollars of trade.
Other wise,
we would have no business with Russia, China, Egypt, the Phillipines, Burma, India, Pakistan,
most of the Middle East, most of Central America, and on and on.
political murders and oppression are globally rampant.

Political murders and oppression,
are the common pattern of all human political / religious history.
Nothing has changed,
and nothing is going to change in global politics for the foreseeable future.

What is being planned by the Deep State is the next economic depression,
which they intend to hang on Trump's neck.
I have no doubt that it is coming in the next couple of years.
If the Deep State cannot facilitate their agenda,
they will eventually find a way to ... terminate ...  Trump


This bitch -- CNN Bitch -- Tulsi Bow Wow Gabbard
called Trump,
"Saudi Arabia's Bitch".

Tulsi Bow Wow Gabbard went and sucked Assad's dick on her visit to the Mid East.

She received Assad's invitation, and flew there as fast as she could to Damascus,
and Assad sank his squirmy root right down her throat,
hook line and sinker.

Tulsi Bow Wow Gabbard is a political whore,
just like Kirsten Gillibrand,
and Kamala Harris.

Quote:"Hey @realdonaldtrump: 
being Saudi Arabia's bitch is not 'America First,'" 
wrote Bow Wow Gabbard, 
a 37-year-old Iraq War veteran who at various points has been considered a rising star in her party.

The tweet was in apparent reference to Trump's exclamation point-filled formal presidential statement Tuesday,

that his administration would take no actions against Saudi Arabia's rulers regarding the Khashoggi killing —
 despite NBC News and other reports last week,
that the CIA concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered Khashoggi's killing.

news from her home state:
Quote:Gabbard’s trip “raised alarms,” wrote The Guardian, a British news site. 

“Tulsi Gabbard’s Fascist Escorts to Syria,” 
was the headline on a piece by The Daily Beast. 

The Daily Kos called her a “stooge” for the Syrian president, 
who has killed thousands of dissidents,
 allegedly including by poison gas.

The secret trip angered some of her congressional colleagues, according to The Hill, a political news site.


Let me repeat my quote:

Tulsi Bow Wow Gabbard went and sucked genocidal maniac Assad's dick on her visit to the Mid East.
All Assad had to do was send the invitation,
and she took the bait,
hook line and sinker Whip
right down her throat.
In that regard,
I have a better name for Tulsi,

Tulsi Deep Throat Gabbard -- Assad's Bitch -- 
a highly experienced blow job queen,
ideal for murderous scum like Assad to manipulate.
Tulsi Gabbard Fails to Call for Assad’s Execution Despite Promise to Do So
Quote:Tulsi Gabbard said in April 2017 that she would “be the first to call for” Nonono
Assad’s “prosecution and execution” of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad 
if he was guilty of using chemical weapons to kill nearly 100 civilians at Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib governate. 
She spent months denying the obvious, 
but now that the United Nations has concluded that Assad’s air force dropped munitions,
containing chemical weapons on Khan Sheikhoun she is suddenly silent.

Far from being the first, 

Gabbard will probably be the last to call for Assad’s prosecution and execution for war crimes. 
Fortunately, President Trump ignored her and other conspiracy theorists and hammered Shayrat air base 
with cruise missiles to punish Assad and deter him from using chemical weapons
in a mass casualty attack on civilians in the future. 
Unfortunately, that seems to be the only decision the Trump administration got right when it comes to Syria.

And you can bet that  Arrow  Tulsi Deep Throat Gabbard,
upon an invitation,
will take the very first jet she can get a ride on,
to go visit the Iranian Ayaghoulah.
She will have her face buried in his lap,
while he tells her to just keep repeating the words Bow Wow,
while she deep throats that Ghoul as well.

Tulsi Deep Throat Gabbard -- Assad's Bitch -- 


check it out --
the Washington  Tp  Post  Hi got it right !

How Tulsi Gabbard became  Assad’s mouthpiece  in Washington


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