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Next President of the United Fates of America

Egypt just banned "yellow vest and jackets" for one month ...
Protests in Brazil and Brussels and elsewhere.

EU is about to cookie crumble,
while Teresa May delays the Brexit plan approval vote due to lack of support.

Shit is happening fast,
and the stock market is a roller coaster while the English Pound plummets,
and France is losing billions.

Macron spoke to the French people today trying to appease the rioters.
He promised them a Christmas "Bonus" Rofl
and a series of other financial incentives,
some welcomed, 
but all in all probably not enough to stop the hard core resistance. 

Macron was clearly shaken.
He looked like a feeble simpleton at the podium on TV.

Macron on international TV today:
[Image: d254c53539a74c6120a83052184cd643.jpg]

Quote:PARIS — Santa Claus came early for millions of French people on Monday.

But President Emmanuel Macron’s efforts to buy off a nationwide protest movement 
with handouts for low-paid workers and retirees is likely to come at a cost — 
inflating the budget deficit, 
pushing the national debt over 100 percent of gross domestic product, 
and reneging on EU commitments to fiscal discipline.

After a month of a sometimes violent revolt by Yellow Jacket protesters 
against fuel tax hikes and the cost of living, 
Macron announced an immediate €100 a month increase in the minimum wage 
without extra cost to employers, 
the removal of social charges and income tax on overtime payments, 
and the scrapping of a tax rise on poorer pensioners.

The young president admitted in a televised address to the nation, 
that he had underestimated public anger,
failed to grasp the distress of families and the elderly struggling to make ends meet, 
and offended people with arrogant or offhand remarks.

“I accept my share of responsibility. 

I may have given you the feeling that I didn’t care, that I had other priorities,” 
a chastened Macron Whip
told prime-time viewers.

Activists from the leaderless Yellow Jackets movement, 
which has spread like wildfire via social media, 
acknowledged first steps had been taken to meet their demands 
but many said Macron’s response was inadequate and vowed to keep up their roadblocks.

France is losing billions.
British pound is plummeting and French revenue is at a stand still.
EU could possibly unravel like a fraying Rag Doll.


GREAT interview tonight on FOX:
Carlson and Dershowitz

video at RealClearPolitics link:
Media and Democrats Would Scream Witch Hunt 
If Clinton Paid Off Paula Jones And Was Investigated

Quote:Dershowitz told FOX News host Tucker Carlson, 
"We need a single standard. 
If you wouldn't go after Bill Clinton, 
don't go after Donald Trump. 
If you're going after Donald Trump, 
then you have to go after Hillary Clinton for everything she allegedly did," 

Dershowitz said everything Trump is accused of doing 
in regard to an alleged Trump Tower in Moscow,
is all based on "hypotheticals and maybes."

The legal eagle called out: 
"liberal Democrat fair-weather civil libertarians" Whip
for trying to get Trump "by any means possible." 
Dershowitz said that "true civil libertarians," like himself, 
would vehemently oppose such a thing.

"All these liberal Democrat fair-weather civil libertarians are saying 
the hell with the Constitution, 
the hell with civil liberties, 
put all that aside, get Trump. 
That's the most important consideration -- get him by any means possible," he told Carlson.

Dershowitz called what Stormy Daniels did the definition of extortion 
and it's clear what Trump was doing was protecting his family, 
himself, his brand and the candidacy from that extortion.

"That is absolute classic extortion and it's shocking that the special counsel looking into this, 
isn't looking into extortion committed by at least the porn star (Stormy Daniels) Whip
whose lawyer (Michael "Fuckwit" Avenatti) 
obviously approached the candidate or the candidates people and threatened exposure," he said.

transcript at link -- see video

just hours later ...  
Fuckwit Pimp Avenatti  ... {desperate for attention}
fires back at Carlson and Dershowitz
Avenatti attacks Tucker Carlson, Alan Dershowitz
for ‘accusing’ Stormy Daniels of extortion

Quote:Attorney Michael Avenatti attacked Fox News host Tucker Carlson, 
and Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz, 
Monday after the two discussed whether Avenatti’s client Stormy Daniels, 
engaged in extortion by taking hush money from President Trump’s former personal attorney, 
to remain quiet about an alleged affair with Trump.

“So TuckerCarlson you are now accusing my client StormyDaniels of the crime of extortion?” 
Avenatti tweeted Monday evening. 
“You are an ignorant piece of garbage with no morals. Lol
And why do you continue to avoid having me on to talk about the facts? 
Answer-because you know you will be humiliated on your own show.” 

Avenatti also threatened to go after Jeffrey Epstein, 
who was accused of raping and trafficking multiple underage girls. 
Epstein had been represented by Dershowitz, 
who acknowledged this month 
that he still is in touch with Epstein and has advised him on several issues since he’s “still technically his lawyer.”

“AlanDersh - I’ll make you a deal.

You stop attacking my client Stormy Daniels with falsehoods and bogus claims of extortion 
(like you did today) 
and I will not start attacking your VERY close friend 
and client the infamous pedophile Epstein,
while asking what you knew and when,” Avenatti said in a separate tweet. 

Avenatti is a sick suck-faced weasel.
[Image: Avenatti-speaks-300x170.jpg]

Don Lemon calls him "Whitey" ... when Avenatti has his suck face buried in Lemon's lap.


Macron -- the way Macron perceived the general working public -- before the riots.

[Image: feeble.minded.scale_.jpg]

Macron apologizing for his treatment of the French working masses,
fell upon a lot of deaf ears today. 
French history ... chock full bloody revolution. 
French revolutionaries storming the Bastille ... 
gotta love that yellow dress 

[Image: french-revolution-pictures-22-622x415.jpg]


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