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Next President of the United Fates of America

The latest funny bone of all that is transpiring politically,
is the Me Too Movement  Horsepoop  and New York 989 Times,
going after
Bernie Sanders  Rofl  for sexism infecting his presidential campaign.

Now here is an ironic twist.

Check out the World Socialist  Pennywise  News Website
The New York Times’ #MeToo smear against Bernie Sanders

Quote:On Wednesday, 
the New York Times published a lengthy front-page article, 
alleging that Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, 
was rife with sexism and discrimination against female campaign staffers. 

The article, headlined, 
“For Bernie Sanders, Claims of Sexism in 2016 Campaign Hang Over 2020 Bid,” 
has all the earmarks,
of a politically motivated fabrication.

It is an amalgam of vague and unsubstantiated accusations, 
none of them alleging sexual assault or any other form of criminal behavior. 
For the most part, 
the actions described are at worst boorish. 
The accused who are named all deny the charges, 
making it impossible for the reader to determine the truth of the allegations.

Timed to coincide with the opening of the campaign for the 2020 Democratic nomination, 
the article represents an effort by the Times, 
which speaks for the dominant factions of the Democratic Party 
and the forces on Wall Street 
and in the military/intelligence establishment    Lol
with which the Democrats are allied, 

to torpedo a potential presidential run by the Vermont senator. 

V- Note  : Now check out how the socialists spin this:

With this piece of yellow journalism, 
the Times is employing the methods it has honed,
in spearheading the right-wing #MeToo sex witch hunt  Naughty
for the purpose of manipulating the 2020 election campaign 
in accordance with its reactionary political agenda.

The World Socialist Web Site gives no political support to Sanders, 
a fake “socialist” demagogue  Rofl
whose activities are devoted to channeling working-class opposition 
to social inequality and war back behind the Democratic Party. 

the Times article,
is an attack on Sanders from the right.  Tp

It is motivated by fear of the growth of working-class struggles 
and the development of class-conscious opposition 
to the entire political establishment and capitalism.

The socialists are fruit flies swarming over their own bullshit.
They like to live in their own perpetual stink.
Neo-Socialist Nutcakes have twisted the Democrats and Republicans together,
as a Me Too Movement --  NY Times effort,
in their socialist media propaganda.

Quote:Hence the attack on Sanders, 
utilizing the witch-hunting methods of #MeToo that have been employed,
against dozens of film and television celebrities, 
actors, artists, musicians and politicians.

The article follows a by now familiar pattern. 
It begins by citing one specific incident—
the only concrete example of sexual misconduct in the entire piece—
around which it attempts to construct a picture of pervasive sexual harassment and discrimination.

Which brings us to that nitwit Socialist,
29 year old
 Ocasio  Sheep   Cortez
Ocasio-Cortez Says 70% Ultra-Rich Tax Could Pay for Climate Plan


Quote:Progressive House Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 
called for a sharp tax hike on the highest incomes,
in order to fund a massive “Green New Deal” plan 
that would phase out fossil fuels by 2030, 
as she tries to push the political debate to the left.

Asked how high taxes should be set, 
Ocasio-Cortez didn’t specify a figure,
but offered praise for policies in the past that set top marginal rates as high as 70 percent.

Then the female socialist fuckwit, 
tries to compare herself to Lincoln and Roosevelt.
And this is what they all perceive themselves to be in their socialist illusions of grandeur:
dead "radical" patriot ex presidents.

Quote:“Call me a radical,” 
Ocasio-Cortez said in the 60 Minutes interview, 
arguing that Abraham Lincoln’s push to end slavery, 
Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s creation of Social Security, 
were also radical ideas at the time.

So the Socialists use the Democratic platform to get elected,
their news media propaganda goes after both political parties,
while Ocasio - Cortez,
pontificates her political stature as that of Lincoln and Roosevelt.

Ocasio-Cortez makes Nancy Pelosi appear almost tolerable. 



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