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Next President of the United Fates of America

Trump had his border wall speech tonite and I thought that he presented it quite well.
What was wild to witness,
was Schumer and Pelosi,
while giving their response,
looked like two stiff Zombie Scarecrows Whip in a teen screen nightmare movie. 

FOX and CNN,
are chock full of TV news talk shows about American Political Scarecrows,
Republican and Democratic, and now the Socialists as well,
as they also get to playhouse their pantomime in political power.

Zombie Scarecrows on stage in front of a row of American flags on TV tonite.
Pelosi and Schumer.
But as you watch them standing there all pole strung up stiff like scarecrows,
you realize that they think of themselves like innocent fairy tale heroes,
as they attempt to deceive the American public.

How Pelosi and Schumer think they looked like tonite,
as Democrat leadership scarecrows,
addressing the nation:
[Image: 2018-D9461%209%201000x1000.jpg]

Then some prick of course has his Trumpkin Pumpkin scarecrow

[Image: 459CEC4700000578-5009947-image-m-51_1508792002380.jpg]

Last but not least,
is the prima donna zombie sickosuckosociopathofuck Adam Schiff

[Image: schiff.jpg]

Adam Schiff ... is a Scarecrow Zombie Ghoul
[Image: 4LxahhZ.jpg]

Now the best part about the socialists like Ocasio Cortez,
or the goofy new elected female Palestinian piece of shit -- Rashida Tlaib,
all infesting the Democratic party,
is that they are going to divide it ... no, they are going to slowly rip it apart.
They will eventually burn the old guard Democrats Scarecrows,
like Pelosi and Schumer,
and suck votes away from Democratic candidates in the near future.

Ocasio Cortez the dancing prancing sexy Socialist scarecrow,
wants to make a fast impression in DC
[Image: P38Q6310B_1.jpg]

and of course
but not least
Rashida Tlaib in her DC Scarecrow costume, 
as the clueless Palestinian ragamuffin refugee dressed up for a United Nations Halloween party.

[Image: zu49867488_main_tm1502797506.jpg]



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