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Next President of the United Fates of America
Everybody has seen the video's of the Covington teens,
and Chief Chicken Hawk Whip
chanting and drumming, 
and the resultant far left media melee.

It all fell apart for the blood thirsty far left network TV media mob,
once the full videos were released,
didn't it?

Why do I call him ... Chief Chicken Hawk?

Because he was too chicken shit,
to address the sicko psycho fuck  Ninja   Black  Ninja Israelites.
he was all too hawkish to beat his drum in the face of white teenagers.

Black Israelites?
What you saw in those video's are the Black Supremacist sect of Black Israelites.

These are real Black Israelites
[Image: black%2Bhebrew%2Bisraelites.gif]

The freak show of blacks in the Covington teens videos are the Black supremacist sect,
of Black Israelites ...  they talk hate crime nonstop, and this is a direct quote: 

Quote:"White boy, you're next," he warns. 
"All you white people get ready for war. 
We're coming for you, white boys. 
Negroes are the real Jews. 
Get ready for war!"

These crazy fuck blacks are not Black Israelites,
they are the:

Black Funkadelic Apocalypse Israelites  Rofl


real charmers arent they?

from the:
Southern Poverty Law Center -- excerpts from a lengthy expose

Quote:Despite the hellish heat on this spring Saturday morning in gritty West Baltimore, 
the five Hebrew Israelite priests, 
loitering near a West Franklin Street storefront are draped in heavy robes, 
and their heads are wrapped in matching white, red and black cloths. 
Star of David emblems swing from their necklaces, 
and are embroidered into their fabrics. 
One priest holds a staff.

Around them, security guards wear black headscarves, 
black T-shirts and black military-style pants tucked into combat boots. 
They grip cell phones and billy clubs. 
On their belts are sheaths and holsters, some empty, others holding blades and guns. 
The guards flit back and forth across the street, 
between the parking lot of an apartment complex, 
that police say is notorious for drug-related crimes, 
and a building with covered windows and a bolted front door.

Behind that locked door is the Baltimore branch of the Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ, 
a black supremacist sect 
headquartered in New York City.
Obsessed with hatred for whites and Jews, 
the leaders of the Israelite Church have managed to build up 29 church branches in recent years.

They are not alone.
Around the country, 
thousands of men and women have joined black supremacist groups 
on the extremist fringe of the Hebrew Israelite movement, 
a black nationalist theology that dates back to the 19th century. 

Its doctrine asserts that African Americans are God's true chosen people because they, 
not the people known to the world today as Jews, 
are the real descendants of the Hebrews of the Bible. 

There is a rising extremist sector within the Hebrew Israelite movement, 
whose adherents believe that Jews are devilish impostors, 
and who openly condemn whites as evil personified, deserving only death or slavery.
There are now extremist Hebrew Israelite churches in cities throughout Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and Oregon.

In yet another video, a preacher of the Israelite School, 
a man who identifies himself as General Mayakaahla Ka, 
offers this stark prediction for the future of the white race: 
"Every white person who doesn't get killed by Christ when he returns is going into slavery!"

Mobile clusters of up to a dozen extremist Hebrew Israelite street preachers, 
known in the movement as "camps," 
have become a common presence at busy intersections, 
plazas and public transportation centers in large American cities, 
especially in Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., as well as Venice, Calif. 

The camps are often remarkably aggressive and intimidating, 
railing against "white devils" and calling for death for Jews and gay men and lesbians.
Zacharyah ben Ya'aqov, a former racist Hebrew Israelite 
who was active in the movement in the 1990s, 
calls the activities of camps "evangelical terrorizing." 

Last December, the Israelite School observed the holidays,
by "lynching" effigies of the Virgin Mary and Santa Claus in Klavitter's neighborhood.

Extremist Hebrew Israelites have a long, strange list of enemies. 
At the top of the list are white people, 
who they preach are descended from a race of red, hairy beings, known as Edomites, 
who were spawned by Esau, the twin brother of Jacob (later known as Israel) in the Old Testament. 

Equally hated are "fraudulent" Jews, "the synagogue of Satan." 

They're closely followed in no particular order by Asians, 
promiscuous black women, 
continental Africans (who, according to the extremist Israelites, 
sold the lost tribes of Israel, who were black, to European slave traders), 
and gay people, 
who according to extremist Israelites should all be put to death. 

Posters used by Israelite School preachers in Washington, D.C., 
give a sense of what racist Hebrew Israelites think of Mainstream Christianity.
[Image: rfw_666.jpg]

Quote:Grant, who did not reply to a request for an interview for this article, is an energetic man. 
Under his leadership, 
the Israelite Church has expanded rapidly, 
and its "Hidden Truth" television programming
 can be seen on public access channels around the country. 
Meanwhile, the tone of the extremist Hebrew Israelite grows ever more apocalyptic, 
with its followers feverishly searching for signs of a bloodthirsty black Yahawah's impending return.

The vision of Grant and his fellow Hebrew Israelite hard-liners — 
an imminent and bloody demise for whites 
and other enemies at the hands of a vengeful returning Christ — 
is well captured in a scene from a 2007 documentary. 
In one scene from "The Gods of Times Square," 
an extremist Hebrew Israelite preacher delivers a sermon, 
with his foot planted on the back of a white man laying flat on the sidewalk, arms splayed at his sides. 
A second preacher approaches the camera.

"White boy, you're next," he warns. 

"All you white people get ready for war. 
We're coming for you, white boys. 
Negroes are the real Jews. 
Get ready for war!"

Black Funkadelic Apocalypse Israelites

[Image: ISUPK_Passover_2012.jpg]

Black Funkadelic Apocalypse Israelites -- see at the link ...

[Image: 18192418_260264471048241_7390275959016102407_o.jpg]

Black Funkadelic Apocalypse Israelites



And the far left liberal media,
like CNN and MSNBC,
just ignored these Funkadelic hate crime sociopathic sick clowns,
and piled their own hate on the Covington white teenagers.

Don Lemon at CNN probably gets his hard on's Whip
when he sees Black Israelites talk trash to white teens.  

CNN's Bakari Sellers, 
Black Pennywise,
should fit right in with these Black Supremacists.

Black female Tamponika  Naughty Mallory,
of the Woman's Movement ... {Louis Farrakhan's Ho},
being a Muslim sympathizer, 
well she would not be welcome at their church.

She would be one of the black whores that the ... Black Funkadelic Apocalypse Israelites ... hate.


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