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Next President of the United Fates of America

The statistics.
The dummies on the left side elected a Ku Klux Klown Whip
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS0t0l_m7gLJCU91kgMfhN...DH1UiW6fAQ]

I had to commemorate this event.
CNN yesterday had Pavlov's Far Left Negroes Rofl
salivating to sink their teeth into Northam,
and justifiably so.
Watching Don Cow Lemon beside himself all bummed out,
that a Democrat just stank up the whole party, 
was quality amusement.
And Bakari - Black Pennywise - Sellers,
actually containing his Black Supremacist rage,
with restrained content.

LOL, the the governor now claims it wasn't him, 
in the racist yearbook image.
He refuses to resign, 
and now the CNN Legion of Stupid,
is trying to figure a way out of this mess,
with their fund me pundits on 24 / 7 trash talk, 
and the Witch Hunt now goes after one of their own racists.

Governor Northram,
denies being in the picture.
he does not remember Nonono
and upon deep reflection,
Northam thinks it might be Don Cow Lemon,
and Bakari - Black Pennywise - Sellers,
as young black teens,
enjoying Halloween. 
Trick or Treat, 
better give Bakari some Aunt Jemima pancakes.

[Image: zp7WU41.jpg]



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