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Next President of the United Fates of America
Did Trump kick ass in his State of the Union speech or what?

He had the crowd chanting USA USA USA.

I sat there watching the TV with my camera,
laughing my ass off and fully enjoying the greatest speech he has made yet.
I was hoping to get some quality pictures with the camera, 
but I only got one good one,
and the others were bad resolution ...

A great shot of Schumer at the State of the Union
doing his best Mr. Snoid impersonation.

[Image: FEi58XE.jpg]

He even had the stupidest females in Congress
smiling away and enjoying his comment directed to them.
Rashida Tlaib and the Scarf Lady

[Image: JYKyfa2.jpg]

The best shot of the evening!
I almost captured it ... dang!
My camera button failed me,
and I got a distorted color image.
This is the moment,
that Trump stated to everybody:

"America will never be a Socialist Country"
Pelosi and Schumer both applauded.

[Image: dTYWYYC.jpg]


And the Big News -- the CNN Legion of Stupid,
and the Democratic Party of Hypocrisy,
To Believe Her!
They believed Blasy Ford when she accused Kavanaugh,
they don't believe Vanessa Tyson, 
a PhD grad, {just like Blasy Ford}, 
when Vanessa accuses:
Virginia Lt. Governor Justin FairFux,
when he forced his cock,
down Vanessa's throat.

CNN Legion of Stupid  
[Image: xApPCpD.jpg]



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