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Next President of the United Fates of America

Jussie the Hussie ... you do not pass Go ... You go to Jail,
Political Monopoly Epic Fail

It is the Me Too Movement --- that spawned sicko-sucko's like Jussie the Hussie into the frauds they are.
They think it is justifiable to perpetrate a big lie,
just to further their agenda.
And this goes for Blasey - Ford as well. 
Ford and her bullshit -- one beer -- but I don't remember how I got home.
Blasey Ford cashed in big time with 800,000 $ in that Fund Me account she received.

And that is what Jussie the Hussie wanted to do,
cash in on being the Far Left Media Hero Victim.
It's Me Too Jussie the Hussie.
He wants the Me Too money machine to go into his pocket.

Jussie the Hussie is a degenerate cry baby mama boy punk ass bitch Whip

Lock Him Up!

Check it out,
I got this off of tonite's Laura Ingraham show.
You won't see this image anywhere.

[Image: vgdl8rc.jpg]



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