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Next President of the United Fates of America

another Fuckin' - A  Whip  day in national politics.

Twitter and Facebook work against conservatives,
and they are starting to be held to account for that.

Trump asks why Facebook blocked Dan Scavino, his social media director
Quote:U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he will look into Facebook’s decision 
to block public comments 
by White House social media director Dan Scavino.

 bots on facebook ....

The big news however was this:

Rep. Devin Nunes sues Twitter for $250 million
Quote:Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) has sued Twitter and three of its users for $250 million in damages,
 alleging that he was defamed
and that the social media juggernaut engages in the “shadow-banning” of conservative opinions 
and selectively enforces its terms of service to benefit opponents of the Republican Party.

Nunes also claims in the 40-page lawsuit, 
dated Monday and filed in the Virginia Circuit Court in Henrico County on Tuesday, 
that Twitter sought to influence his 2018 reelection race 
and interfere with his investigation into Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign 
and Russian involvement in the 2016 elections. 

Nunes oversaw that inquiry as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee — 
a role he held until Democrats officially retook the House in January.

.... engaged in a joint effort, together and with others, 
to defame Nunes and interfere” with his congressional duties, 
Nunes’ attorney claimed in the suit.

 ... “whose sole purpose was (and is) to publish and republish 
(tweet and retweet) false and defamatory statements about Nunes,” the suit alleges.

“The full scope of the conspiracy, 
including the names of all participants 
and the level of involvement of donors and members of the Democratic Party, 
is unknown at this time and will be the subject of discovery in this action,” 
the complaint says.

Nunes on Monday evening warned that his litigation 
“is the first of many lawsuits that are coming,” 
arguing that Americans’ 
“First Amendment rights are at stake” 
because of Twitter’s actions.

“They spread this fake news and the slanderous news,
” Nunes told host Sean Hannity in an interview on Fox News, 
accusing Twitter 
of “proliferating out things that they agree with, 
with the doink-head” 
he said the company has developed.

“How is it possible that I can be attacked relentlessly, 
hundreds of times a day by fake accounts Whip
that they claim in their terms of service should not be there?” 
Nunes said. 
“So I guarantee you if I put something out that was sexually explicit 
or attacked someone personally, they would stop it. 
They would say, 
'This is a sensitive tweet.' 
They never did that to any of the people that were coming after me or other conservatives.”

Yea, fuck Farcebook and Twitter Jitter algo rithms.

I saw this on Facebook today.
This fellow got his account blocked and he was warned to remove a tweet,
addressing -- Brian Stelter of CNN in this way:

[Image: 2Dcx4Ao.jpg]



Brian Stelter of CNN taught Whitey Avenatti how to suck Don Lemon's Lemon


Yak  Ilhan Omar's puppet master is Ayatollah Khameini  Hi Democrat Whip


Bakari   Pennywise  Sellers of CNN is Black Pennywise


Then today on FOX news with Tucker Carlson,
was broadcast this gem of a TV image,
that I caught with my camera:

Ocasio - Cortes gets hammered in new poll numbers in her own state! 
29 % approval -- 44% disapproval

[Image: BmD9kW1.jpg]

Stupid actress.
People starting to see right through her.


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