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Next President of the United Fates of America

Joe Biden with a 20 point lead over Sanders Whip

Beto "flash in the frying pan" O'Rourke  is lagging and slipping away.

Buttigieg takes votes away from Bernie,
and Bernie just crashed and burned under the Biden entry.
None of that matters.
It has been consistent that a woman VP would be chosen,
for whoever wins the Democratic nomination.
That is the key.
Biden or Sanders might die of stress or old age in office,
and then the VP is president. 

It is between these three,
Harris, Gillibrand or Warren -- forget Klobuchar, she is the unelectable ugly duckling. 

Uncle Joe Biden - and Warren ? 

[Image: 2Ibvm0w.jpg]

Uncle Joe Biden - and  Gillibrand ?


The Democratic female candidates are all now running for Vice President.
Klobluchar, Warren, and Gillibrand ... they are too white.

It will be Kamala Harris.

[Image: bidenjoe_harriskamala_121318.png]

Uncle  Tp  Joe  Tp  Biden  and  Kamala  Sheep  Harris


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