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Next President of the United Fates of America

Followup on last night's blood bath,
at the Demento-cratic Debate,
of Sleepy Joe, 
Slow Meds Motion Stars Joe Biden Whip

I got two images off of NBNC telecast.
One with sleazy weasel Swalwell calling on Sleepy Joe to "pass the torch",
One with Kamala Harris cutting Joe Biden's balls off.

Biden was essentially trashed by the NYT today,
with the newspaper suggesting a Harris - Buttigieg ticket.
Don't be surprised if Biden and Harris suddenly kiss and make up in the coming months however.

Wilting flower Warren can't compete with Harris on the Trump debate stage.

Kamala Harris has bigger balls than Biden, Buttigieg and Bernie all put together.

Weasel Swalwell and Biden
[Image: YgfdXtI.jpg]

Kamala Harris cuts Joe's balls off
[Image: 98r6Sf3.jpg]



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