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Next President of the United Fates of America

The second night of the Demento-cratic Debates Whip
had Sleepy Joe Biden on perpetual defensive.

Everybody went after Biden and he survived the back stabbing melee. 
So he won the debate politically by simply not losing his composure,
and punching back with enough calculated paper tiger talk Lol
to look plausible enough to maintain a voter lead. 

Cory "co-co the clown" Booker had a good debate night,
but it won't translate into too many polling points,
maybe some of Kamala's edge will go his way.

Kamala-care Harris got her health care plan trashed,
and was completely disemboweled,
by Tulsi Gabbard,
over Harris's record as a prosecutor. Applause

Tulsi Gabbard actually did quite well, especially in her attack on Kamala harris,
and was my personal choice of debate winner tonight.

But to be honest,
if I had to vote Demento-crat ... Marianne Williamson's Love Boat gets my vote.

I caught this great camera image off the TV -- live on CNN,
when DeBlasio busted Biden's balls.

[Image: BRXLZIC.jpg]

The summation of this debate was that the entire debate,
was primarily an attack on Joe Biden.
So almost all I saw all night was just Joe Biden debating and defending himself.

Tonight's debate was : 
Biden vs. Biden -- aka -- Biden explains Sleepy Joe Biden to Joe Biden.

[Image: bW6iLg2.jpg]

Marianne Williamson's  Sheep Love Boat
both nights Demento-cratic Debates


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