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Next President of the United Fates of America
Naw...Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii WAS actually BORN there unlike Kenyan Obama.

She's had two tours, still within the Military, she had Kamla Harris in a limp noodle where she's been buzzing with a vibrator up her SOUL just to get a kick out of putting blacks, Hispanic, and especially white folk behind BARRS FOREVER !!! Horsepoop 

She's suing #GIGGLE-GESTAPO for NOT running ANY of HER ads.  PERIOD.  All the voice and texts trying to get onto #GiggleGestapo is going to launch Tulsi Gabbard into TOP spot.

EVERYBODY should STOP USING #GIGGLEGESTAPO use Duck-duck go, even Bing is better the those  Pennywise #giggling about the #gestapoish type of behavior.  She could sue for BILLIONS !!!

It's her I'd like to take a like licked I already KNOW she has the BEAST beaten !!!

Bob... Ninja Assimilated
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]

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