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Next President of the United Fates of America

G7 ?  G8?
Trump on his way to France for the G8 minus One White Russian.
Trump gets to meet Bore-us Johnson the new British premier.

Putin's naval response to the recent US cruise missile test?
Putin's "equivalent" response ... Swordfight

Chinese Dragon Breath Xi,
on the doorstep of Hong Kong with tanks and lots of military rank,
while levying out 72 billion in tariffs on US companies.

International Casino Royale Politics.
It's all still an early 60's Dr. Strangelove movie in a modern way, 
with bigger badder weapons of mass destruction and a lot more money on the table.

Trump was right to order US companies to find other production capabilities and alternatives, 
not reliant around China. 
Stop buying Chinese goods. 
Look at your labels and at least try to avoid sending them money.

So back here in the political toilet is Joe  Tp  Biden.

[Image: 70yp6Y4.jpg]

The only thing Joe had to do was shut the fuck up.
He didn't even have to go to the last debate.

If Sleepy Joe had not said one word for the last 2 months,
he would be leading in the Democratic polls by 30 points.


It is no wonder that Omar and Tlaib get far more press time in Con News Network fake news.

Brian Pimp Stelter,  

Don Cow Lemon 

Anderson Pennywise Stupor,

of the CNN News Jews teams,
would rather positively cover Omar and Tlaib on their network news programming,
than have to make their CNN audience endure another Biden gaffe. 
That is actually hilarious,
considering that Omar and Tlaib hate Israel.

When Tulsi Gabbard disemboweled Kamala Harris in the last debate,
Harris poll numbers went to Polka-Haunt-Us Warren. Lol

This is an interesting development,
because Harris is definitely a Deep State choice for a big position of future power.

Tulsi Gabbard is suing Google. Applause

Hocus Bogus Elizabeth Warren is an easy alternative for Democratic voters,
to the bore you to death Sleepy Joe life boat keeping him afloat.

Bernie ... Bernie who? oh yea, Bernie Sanders!
Can you imagine implementing his energy policy proposals, and the cost per citizen?
It's all free for any migrants though.
That and health care.
toss in a college education.
Free tuition for all to Harvard and Yale!

Bilbo Buddigeig ... just throw in the towel. 
Your magic ring is made of plastic straws.
Blacks will never vote for white Boinky Boy Bilbo, sorry.

Cory Booker? 
He is kind of a Demento-cratic mix of ... Black Buddigeig and Black Beto. 


Psychedelic Bore-Lord Beto O'Dork?
He is still talking fake bullshit everywhere he goes.
The guy doesn't realize that everybody now realizes that he is like Goofy in a Disney cartoon.


Here is a postcard of Goofy Beto O'Dork,
cleaning up a clandestine CNN border crossing site for illegal immigrant smuggling.

[Image: the-big-wash-c2a9-walt-disney.jpg]

The Demento-cratic debates at the end of the month!

I was disappointed that they didn't let Marianne Williamson in.
Looks like a stage full of "Barely One Step Ahead Of Sleepy Joe" candidates,
will be debating at the end of the month.

All Joe has to do is ... well maybe ... Hmm2 ... there is nothing that Joe can do after all.

It is doubtful he can maintain his lead in the polls to the nomination.
But the rest of them are so awful, maybe that is his one chance to hang in there.
Just stop talking too much Joe,
stay home and get a lot of rest.


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