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Next President of the United Fates of America

The Demento-cratic Debate -- summary.

Bilbo Buddigeig -- give it up!
Wang Fu or is it Wang Foo ? -- give it up!
Julian "Latino 666" Castro -- give it up!
Cory  - Coco the Clown - Booker -- give it up!

Just go the fuck home and shut the fuck up. Please.

Please bring back Tulsi Gabbard and Marianne Williamson!

Kamala Harris ... Still recovering from being disemboweled by Tulsi Gabbard.
Hoping still to be a VP candidate.

Warren and Sanders are sinking with "Medicare For All".

Sanders looks like an over worked and disheveled elf at Santa's north pole,
trying to package up Medicare in fading colored gift wrap.

Warren gets asked a question,
and a long string gets pulled out of her back,
as her pre-recorded answers endlessly talky talk,
with absolutely nothing substantial to say or about how to pay for Medicare For All.

Joe Biden did not lose to Sleepy Joe Biden, Rofl
so the pundits say he won the debate by not losing.
Biden started with a good night,
hammering Sanders and Warren,
until Julian "Latino 666" Castro Whip stabbed him in the back on national TV.
Somehow Sleepy Joe slipped out of that smear,
and will recover just enough to maintain polling numbers.

Amy Klobuchar,
by far,
was the most eloquent and substantive candidate on the stage.
She outshined them all and elevated her position dramatically.
Amy Klobuchar won the debate IMO.

I always try and take camera images from the TV in the debates.
Here are a few to sum up the debate.

Beto Retardo O'Dork,
has T shirts out now:
"Hell Yes, we are going to take your AR-15"

The Psychedelic Bore Lord -- aka -- Zippy O'Dork,
just lost any chance of being elected in Texas.
He most likely just handed Texas completely over to the Republicans.

[Image: QTX85lP.jpg]

Kamala Harris will not recover from the last debate any time soon.
Too many giggles and hokey jokes ...

[Image: fGTllAp.jpg]

The big moment of the debate.
Julian "Latino 666" Castro shows his true colors as a back stabber.

[Image: udWbWKN.jpg]

Joe on the defensive gets a sudden boost of adrenaline ...

[Image: TZYKZO6.jpg]

But Sleepy Joe did well against the other two top candidates, Warren and Sanders.
He exposed their weak agenda with Medicare,
since nobody can pay for it.

[Image: Ay1Mnf1.jpg]

And here is Joe at his best,
having a little personal inside laugh at Warren,
as she says absolutely nothing of substance,
in a pre recorded pull string doll speech on how to pay for Medicare For All.

[Image: vNOoDKT.jpg]

Joe Biden did not bite the dust ... yet.

Will Amy Klobuchar get more votes now?  Nonono

Kamala Harris?  Nonono

Nothing changed other than that,
Julian "Latino 666" Castro just tanked his own candidacy,
and Cory -- Coco the Clown proved that he is just a narcissistic Black Pennywise,
just like,
Bakari Sellers,
and Bilbo Buddgeig is a puppy in diapers,
and Beto O'Dork
is still the Psychedelic Bore Lord.


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