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Next President of the United Fates of America

Fucking NBA cowards and corporate American slime that kowtow to the Chinese.
Overpaid prima donnas in the NBA make me sick.
I will never watch another game unless the NBA shows some spine,
to stand up to their Chinese over lords.
These NBA players like Hardin and coaches like Kerr,
don"t care if the people in Hong Kong get slaughtered by Xi Ping,
and the Chinese military.
They just want the money.
No need to say too much about the NBA stooges.

This says it all:

[Image: dZsyYC8.jpg]

Lebron James signs with Xi Ping's basketball team,
The Hong Kong Cav's,
in a Chinese government sports propaganda push.
Fuck you Lebron.
Say something positive for the people in Hong Kong.

[Image: fPEiKQr.jpg]

This is what we all REALLY want to see.
Shaq and Charles Barkley,
roasting Xi Ping with amusing insults.
Try and find a Xi Ping clown image on the internet.
This is the first one,
as the Chinese Pennywise -- aka Pingywise the Clown Whip

[Image: YFfxxJO.jpg]




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