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Next President of the United Fates of America

Demento-cratic Debate -- Tuesday night!

This time they will all go after each other,
and Elizabarf Warren will not get the CNN white gloves red carpet free pass,
of being allowed to skate from serious questions.
Sanders will attempt to distinguish himself from Warren.
The big question is whether anybody in the Demento-cratic ranks,
will go after Joe Biden,
for his role in the Ukraine corruption.
Will Julian "Latino 666" Castro shove Biden's head up his ass again?

This time, ---> Tulsi Gabbard will be there <---
she will likely bring the hammer down on Elizabarf Warren,
and not spare Joe Biden.

All the rest ... who cares?
... Coco the Clown Booker?
... Beto O'Dork?
... Pete "pee wee" Buddigeig ?
... Wang Foo?
Sweep the clowns away please.

It will interesting to see what each one of them says about:
The Turkish invasion of Syria.


Trump has made the biggest mistake of his presidency,
letting Erdogan set him up,
and then pulling troops from the battlefield.

You cannot as president,
go on TV,
and say ... "let's bring our troops home"
and then send 2000 troops to Saudi Arabia.

War with Iran is inevitable and we may see another 50,000 troops in that direction.

Erdogan betrayed Trump, and Trump betrayed the Kurds.
It will all go bad,
and may go bad fast.

Kurds strike a deal with Assad.  Naughty  
Well, you cannot trust Assad any more than you can trust Erdogan.'
They are both genocidal maniacs.

Just how does Assad protect the Kurds?

If the Russians strike advancing Turkish forces,
I will be the very first <---
to give Putin a round of applause <---

Trump should have instituted a NO FLY ZONE on the Syrian border.
Maybe Putin will.
Or maybe Assad will just feed the Kurds to the Turks,
long enough to degrade their military and civilian infrastructures,
then threaten Turkey,
and the Turks will be done anyways.

Fuck that noise.
Establish a USA military No Fly Zone.
Since when will Erdogan put up with that?
He will throw the US out of Turkey and leave NATO.
We should throw him out before he has the luxury of departing.

Too late now for a US established No Fly Zone.
Time to throw the Turks out of NATO.
I don't care how strategic the Incirlik air base in Turkey is for US military operations,
Fuck Erdogan and his ethnic cleansing.
It would be better to bomb Erdogan, and take him out.

NATO is about to be severely embarrassed unless they deal with Erdogan,
with actions other than ... bullshit sanctions.
He threatened his NATO allies in Europe with "3.5 million refugees".
Erdogan is not an allie.
He is an enemy.

And this monkey fuck mad man Erdogan is coming to the US to meet with Trump?
You have to be kidding me.
Trump should know better.
Erdogan visiting the US now, is truly disgusting.
Trump's presidency is in big trouble with what may be to come of all this.
The US will likely be drawn into multiple war fronts.
War with Iran is inevitable.

I hope the Russians bomb the fuck out of the Turks in Syria.
Personally I think that Assad will burn the Kurds as well.
Assad's main asset -- the Iranians -- actually support the Turks killing the Kurds.

The coming days will show Assad and Putins true colors in all this.

Trump had better pull a rabbit out of his hat and fix the situation fast.
Sanctions are bullshit.
The likely winner in all this is Iran.
Or if Putin plays his cards right,
he will upstage Trump as a global leader.

Putin should establish ... the No Fly Zone.
It will be very interesting to see,
what deal,
the Kurds made with Assad.


CNN  Pennywise   exposed!

WATCH THIS VIDEO from yesterday <---
They are going to rip Stelter a new asshole.

Twitter trying to force viewers elsewhere <----


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