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Next President of the United Fates of America

Not too much you can say about the Demento-cratic Debate.
uninspiring ...

Warren elbowed her way out of answering the Medicare cost questions, 
with more lengthy pull string doll recordings.

Buddigeig had his best moment as the Bad Ass Gay Candidate,
as he brutalized and beat up and on hapless half wit Beto O-Dork.

Julian "Latino 666" Castro's responses faded away into ...  Winnie the Poof ...

Sanders maintained the Bern, did not have another heart attack.

Wang who? Wang Fu. I like his 1000$ a month. 
Steyer? ... is that a bologna meat product?

CoCo the Clown Cory Booker showed up at the debate with a Hollyhowood Black Doll.
But he couldn't say anything of substance anyways.

Of them all,
Amy Klobuchar -- and Tulsi Gabbard -- are the only two with honest integrity.

Both of them are CNN targets to sweep aside.

Kamala  Tp Harris?  Naughty

Joe Biden?
It was unfortunate and sad.
This sums up the Biden night, with this image right from the debate.

[Image: Tr5FoLl.jpg]

Sleepy Joe confused Assad with Erdogan in another gaffe.

The debate was a sham.
CNN staged a crying clown show.


The main event of the debate was Tulsi Gabbard confronting CNN and Time magazine.
She accused them both <---
of being despicable. Rofl

CNN and NYT called her a Russian asset before the debate.
Here she is on Tucker Carlson TONIGHT, 
the day after the debate.

[Image: RBblHAq.jpg]

CNN and NYT made sure to politically liquidate Tulsi Gabbard,
just before the debate.
This is in retaliation for Tulsi Gabbard disemboweling Kamala Harris,
in the first debate.
CNN is sick.
NYT is trash.
It's a political horror movie.
Sick Trash

[Image: inIKVHZ.jpg]



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