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Next President of the United Fates of America

And of course ... the Iranian Ghouls shot the jet liner down.
Protests across Iran over the government's denial and lies,
are now being cleared away by live ammunition.
Iran Opens Fire On Demonstrators. 
Protesters Chant: 
‘Our Enemy Is Right Here; They Lie To Us That It’s America’

Quote:The Iranian government opened fire with live ammunition 
against demonstrators who were protesting the Islamic regime 
for shooting down a Ukrainian passenger plane last week and lying about it for days.

Massive protests erupted across Iran over the weekend in at least a dozen cities, 
and Iran responded by firing tear gas, 
rubber bullets and eventually live ammunition to disperse demonstrators. 
The Times later noted that multiple people had been shot and that other protesters were beaten.

Unlike previous waves of opposition, 
some of the outrage this time has come from conservatives 
who ordinarily support the government, as well as from the usual critics, 
Headlines in hard-line newspaper demanded resignations, 
and the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guards, 
Gen. Hossein Salami Rofl
issued a very rare public apology. … 
The editor in chief of the Revolutionary Guard’s Tasnim news agency, 
Kian Abdollahi, 
said that attempts by government officials to lie about what had happened,
were as great a ‘catastrophe’ as the crash itself.”

The Times noted that protesters chanted, 

“The supreme leader is a murderer; 
his regime is obsolete,” 
“Our enemy is right here, they lie to us that it’s America,” 
“They killed our geniuses and replaced them with clerics.”

The Russians supplied the missile,
that shot down the airlines,
to the moron Iranians who are loose cannons.


Quote:Iran admitted the mistake, 
but Putin Whip 
will never admit the shootdown of the MH17 over Ukraine.

Russia not only denied their missile downing MH17,
{which Russian supported rebels shot down}
they blame the Ukranians for it,
and now,
they even tried to get Iran to stage the same denial,
in the recent missile attack.
Russia to Iran: Don’t Admit Guilt—Blame the U.S. Instead

Quote:Shvytkin told Russian radio station Moscow Speaks,
that the Iranians should have blamed the United States for the incident. 
He said, 
“It was a missile strike provoked by the United States, 
that is, 
Iran’s retaliatory actions were unintentional.  

It’s necessary to condemn both the actions of the United States, 
and the actions of Iran regarding the downed plane. 
Within the framework of the events that took place, 
in the turmoil due to insufficient professional actions,
and hasty decisions regarding the guidance and launch of a missile, 
it is theoretically possible,
to allow this.”   Naughty

Russian senator Alexei Pushkov Pimp
echoed the same position, stating: 
“The United States carry their part of the responsibility for this tragedy,” 
arguing that America creates conditions leading to wars all over the world.

Pushkov also took a jab at Ukraine, 
claiming that whenever Ukraine calls Iran’s actions irresponsible, 
it should be reminded about not closing its airspace for the flight of the Malaysian Boeing MH17. 
The Russian senator disingenuously complained,
that Ukraine “is still not admitting its fault” 
for not closing the Ukrainian airspace,
“which is the reason for the crash of the Malaysian Boeing.”

In reality, Russia—not Ukraine—
was proven to be responsible for shooting down the passenger jet over Donbas,
killing all 298 on board.

Vladimir Dzhabarov, 
graduate of the FSB Academy, 
who serves as the first Deputy Chair of the International Affairs Committee, 
of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, 
also laid the responsibility for the downing of the passenger airliner by Iran, 
on the United States of America, 
blaming the U.S. for 
“staging a provocation that led to human casualties” 
that started with the killing of Qassem Soleimani.

Before the Iranian government came clean about the tragedy, 

Kremlin propagandists, 
laid the groundwork of plausible deniability for their allies.

Appearing on news talk show 60 Minutes Rofl
produced by Russian state TV channel Rossiya-24, 
Dmitry Abzalov  Pennywise  President of the “Center for Strategic Communications,” 
dismissed any possibility 
that Iranian missiles could have shot down the Ukrainian airliner. 

He claimed that if any missile launches took place that night, 
photos and videos of those strikes
 “would have already been shown on CNN and Fox News.” 

Abzalov claimed that any accusations against Iran were:
“nothing more than a provocation” 
by the United States,
and the Iranian government’s willingness to turn over the “black boxes” to the Ukrainian authorities, 
represented further proof of Iran’s total innocence.

Some American critics of the U.S. administration have made similar arguments, 
claiming the shoot-down was the result of an artificial crisis,
created by President Donald Trump. 
But the Russians went much, much further.

In the run-up to Iran’s admission, 
Russian propagandists were looking to absolve the Iranians of any responsibility. 

Various theories aired by Kremlin-controlled Russian state television 
ranged from technological issues, 
to the possibility of a terrorist act. 

Russia’s Federal News Agency (RIA FAN) pushed the boundaries even further, 
promoting an outlandish conspiracy theory 
that an American drone shot down the passenger airliner. 

Korotchenko is an editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine, 
founder and director 
of the Center for the Analysis of the World Arms Trade 
and a Member of the Public Council under the Russian Ministry of Defense. 
He falsely claimed;
that Russian Tor systems “simply don’t exist near the [Tehran] airport.” Rofl
 “There were no Tor systems in the area of the catastrophe,” 
he claimed, 
asserting that statements pinning the blame on the Iranians,
using Russian Tor systems,
represented “info-wars”  Tp   launched by the competitors of Russian arms dealers. 

no one knows more about info-wars than the Kremlin, 
whose tactics often include the dissemination of outlandish conspiracy theories. 

The Iranian government,
seemingly caught Russian propagandists off-guard  Hi by opting finally to tell the truth. 


Those Russians in that last article,
sounded just like the Demento-crats trying to blame Trump for the Iranian missile launch.
Despicable is what they are.

Quote:President Donald Trump warned Iran 
about attacking protesters on Sunday, tweeting, 
“To the leaders of Iran – DO NOT KILL YOUR PROTESTERS. 
Thousands have already been killed or imprisoned by you, and the World is watching. 
More importantly, the USA is watching. 
Turn your internet back on and let reporters roam free! 
Stop the killing of your great Iranian people!”
As Iran accepts blame for Ukrainian plane crash, Canada demands justice, answers

Quote:Hours after Iranian officials accepted blame for shooting down a Ukrainian passenger jet, 
Canada's prime minister called for justice for the families of the 176 people killed.

"Shooting down a civilian aircraft is horrific. 
Iran must take full responsibility," 
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at a press conference Saturday. 
He called the crash, 
which killed 63 Canadians, 
a "senseless loss of life."

"Even in a moment of heightened tensions, 
this should never have happened," he said. 
"There are going to be many conversations and reflections on consequences."

In a phone call with Trudeau on Saturday, 
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani 
had committed to collaborate on the investigation, 
de-escalate tensions in the region, Nonono
and continue a dialogue, Trudeau said.

Aziz Asmar, 
one of two Syrian painters who completed a mural 
following the killing of Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander Qasem Soleimani 
poses next to his creation 
in the rebel-held Syrian town of Dana in the northwestern province of Idlib

[Image: AFP-1NF3LB.jpg]

Hate Monster Psycho Trash from the goon squad -- Omar -- 
who makes a living at hating Trump,
was fake-crying at a news conference claiming she has PTSD

[Image: omar-pass-600-li-1280x720.jpg]

Always the same hate, no matter what, give them money, or give them give them peace,
the Ghouls live remain in perpetual hate syndrome 

[Image: iran-soleimani-trump.jpg]

What did one media outlet call Soleimani?
"a revered leader"

[Image: soleimani-iran-media.jpg]

who da next prezident ?

[Image: soleimani-iran-sanders.jpg]

do you feel the Bern?




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