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Next President of the United Fates of America

Yea, it's the American election year in the coronavirus apocalypse.

Anybody want a free all expenses paid luxury vacation in China?

The latest I heard was,
up to 24 day latency period while people are infective showing no symptoms and shedding virus.
Lovely, but you might want to avoid the Yoga classes,
and the local workout gyms,
not to mention the doctor, the dentist, the theater, restaurants, the libraries, the supermarkets, 
and then
get a mail in ballot  Cry Whip

There will be no election if this shit gets out of hand.
Military will be in control ... for a while.
they can drop ballots by drone  Hi to the American cruise ship passengers. 

Sanders ... is Shemp Shemp   Socialism ... he can't beat Trump. 
Half the Dem's will pick Trump over Sanders, if Sanders is the nominee.
AOC is waiting for Bernie to fail and die so she can take over in the near future.

Biden ... an aging balding Pennywise ... when he concedes ... then I will find an image of the USS Biden,
at the bottom of the sea and post it here.
watching Biden talk in Iowa and NH is like watching a WW1 veteran at the rest home on thorazine. 

Warren ... nothing but lies still come out of her mouth.
Fucking crazy bitch. 
It would be like voting for Medusa.

Buttigieg ... I still say that blacks will not vote for a white gay tiddlywink.
His "deer in the headlights " look at the last debate exposed his phony astute politician pantomime.

Klobuchar ... is the best that the Democrats have.
The only one with enough guts to raise her hand when asked if socialism bothered her as a candidate.
If I had to vote for a Democrat Scream
she would be my pick.

Wang ... or is it Yang?
wang dang yang dang Yankee doodle dandy ... No.

Then there is ... Gloomberg ... he is there to stop the Bern and the socialists.

Trump called him:
"Mini Mike" Rofl 

Then somewhere I saw the old rag herself ... Clinton,
on a news flash out take from the Ellen Degenerot show,
"Never say never!"
to being vice president ...
That would be like voting for Sodom and Gomorrah,
or the corpse of Margaret Thatcher.

Holy fuck.

Demento  Tp  Crats


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