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Next President of the United Fates of America

Sleepy Joe easily sweeps away the Socialist knuckleheads Whip
Mainstream America did not like AOC and her Goon Squad,
who Berinie Sanders cheered himself on with.

The smoldering tire fire, aka the Bern,
is finished.

Joe Biden wants a female vice president.

Here are your choices.

Amy Klobuchar --- Biden isn't smart enough to choose the best the dementocarts have.

Elizabeth Warren --- the walking talking bloody rag would be a big mistake

Kamala Harris --- the original Deep State pick

But it would be all over if Michelle Obama would opt to be chosen.

So if the Dementocrats win,
the likelihood of the VP to become president is distinctly possible.
Think about that.
President Elizabeth Warren ?  Scream

Creepy sleepy Joe better not die then.
Do you think Joe will survive the coronavirus?
Or Bernie?
I bet Elizabeth Warren will.
Bloomberg, invested heavily in China, he loves  Xi  Pennywise  Ping,
the Chinese Pennywise -- Pingywise -- the Chinese shoe shine clown.

Uh oh Uhoh now I will be labeled a racist because I named Xi Ping ... Pingywise Whip

So before I deal with Joe Biden later on,
first we have to deal with the Coronavirus Apocalypse.

Quote V on Feb 12

Quote:Yea, it's the American election year in the coronavirus apocalypse.

Anybody want a free all expenses paid luxury vacation in China?

The latest I heard was,
up to 24 day latency period while people are infective showing no symptoms and shedding virus.

Lovely, but you might want to avoid the Yoga classes,
and the local workout gyms,
not to mention the doctor, the dentist, the theater, restaurants, the libraries, the supermarkets,
and then,
get a mail in ballot  Cry Whip

fast forward to:
March 16

Mother fucking Chinese communist psychopaths,
just tried to place blame on the US military,
suggesting that they released the virus in Wuhan.

They tried to blame the US military,
because they know the global nations are going to hold them accountable.
The Chinese government lied from day 1,
back in early November <---> they started their cover up.
Chinese military threatened doctors with their lives if they didn't lie to the public.

These are insane criminals, and they fund the WHO, and own the top WHO officials.

This is not about the Chinese people.
It is about the Chinese government run by psychopaths.

The coronavirus came from China, from Wuhan,
and it got out of the BSL4 lab there.
It is the Wuhan Chinese Virus <---

Good for Trump,
for purposely calling it the Chinese virus on TV,
"they tried to blame our military, and that isn't going to happen"

That is right !
Xi Ping can fucking die. Chop his fucking head off.

So I don't want to hear any bullshit about racist political talk and images,
Limbo Politics <--- just like it always has been.

This is not about the Chinese people.
It is about the Chinese government, that is run by psychopaths.
WHO officials warn US President Trump against calling coronavirus ‘the Chinese virus’

Racist ... One million Uighers in Chinese communist army concentration camps,
that the Chinese red army calls "re-eduction facilities".

Just who is the racist scourge?

Here he is:

[Image: JyHKYGQ.jpg]

Can you imagine,
the coronavirus pandemic that raged through the Uigher prisoners?
And some liberal fuck is going to call me racist.

[Image: lhb3swA.jpg]

The Chinese are loving this coronavirus destroying the American economy.
they let ---> 5 million people <--- leave Wuhan in late December -- early January,
and the wealthier ones love it over in sunny Italy.

Stock market crashed 3000 points in one day.
Nobody in California is going anywhere or doing anything, state on lock down.

[Image: bni3nhq.jpg]

continued in a few minutes


Then there is the CDC ... who delayed the testing kit process,
by not using WHO test kits,
and then FAILED
on the first batch of test kits.

We lost up to ---> 3 weeks <--- of testing --- with that CDC decision.

Why aren't they being held accountable?
How many people will die just from that CDC decision alone?
How exponentially more people will get infected,
by that CDC decision alone?

Then the head of the NIH,
Anthony "Litttle Xi Ping" Fauci,
the official policy voice of the CDC,
comes on TV to admit ... "YES WE FAILED, but we have to move on".

As far as I can see into this CDC decision,
I believe it was formatted in secret with the very top of the WHO,
{who are owned by China and the US corporate and banking conglomerate globalists}
as a calculated action,
to cause Trump to fail in the surge of USA pandemic conditions,
turning America,
into another Wuhan, coast to coast.

Governor Newsome just locked down the entire state of California Damned

Here is Fauci with the president's task force.
The woman on the left was on FOX news telling lies two days in a row,
including a challenge from Tucker Carlson to ... answer the fucking questions ... and stop the lies.

The surgeon general is a buffoon.
The lady half asleep on the right is the official task force bobble head,
that only talks when there is nothing left to say.

and of course
Anthony  "Little Xi Ping"  Fauci.

[Image: GONy2zU.jpg]


Last but not least the WHO.
International Criminal Clown Cartel in collusion and conspiracy with the Chinese government.

Michael Ryan on the left,
head of WHE
World Health Emergency
is the main power player in the group.
as soon as the virus got out and started to circulate by early November.
Ryan has the deepest Chinese connections of doctors and government there.
He knew it was going to happen,
and stepped back under Chinese pressure to keep quiet.

[Image: ek360lQ.jpg]

Yea ... the US military had NOTHING to do with the --- WUHAN CHINESE VIRUS.

It is now ...the ... Pingywise Virus.

Mail in ballots?
Will Sleepy Joe make it alive to the election,
or arrive there with full dementia?

Trump faces a terrible task.
I hope he can survive,
but when you put your trust into ... Anthony "little Xi Ping" Fauci ... you are likely being set up,
or will simply be played into WHO hands.

Only a wild card can save this from disaster.
Right now that is the malaria drug.
Did you see Fauci immediately try to play that prospect down today on the news?
A wild card miracle drug,
throws all the WHO - CDC collusion con-spiracy to mandate vaccines in the near future,
right out the window.
Let's hope it works for everybody.

Staying alive in the Coronavirus Apocalypse with Ozzie Osbourne --- it gets good at 2:30 and on

Joe Biden  Rofl  staying alive Whip


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