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Next President of the United Fates of America

The death of George Floyd is a true shame.
The riots and burning down of businesses is just as bad.

The reaction of protesters is understandable to a degree,
but the opportunists steal,
the fuckheads burn,
and the nation watches in despair.

Everybody's life matters.

The whole world is at risk from Coronavirus politics.
Everybody is stressed out, burned out, and getting pissed off.

Our freedoms are being taken away by insane Democrats,
that want to out-Communist the insane Chinese dictator Xi JinPing.
they all want to be a little Hitler ... a little Xi JinPing.

Newsom is a fucking traitor.
gave the Chinese bankrupt company 1 billion $$$ for face masks
5 $ a copy.
Instead of giving the contract to an American company and American workers.

Newsom works for Xi JinPing and the Globalist corporate banking conglomerates,
that are way too invested in China.

Whitmer is an insane bloody rag worse than Elizabeth Warren.
Whitmer is a coronavirus media propaganda whore.
They love her in Beijing.

Then there is the Vaccine Fuhrer.
he fits well in the place of the stupid cop that killed George Floyd.

This is the global reality.

[Image: L8fTR1c.jpg]

Televise the riot act, send in the national guard to arrest Bill Gates,
for crimes against humanity. 


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