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Next President of the United Fates of America

Years ago here ... I actually defended Black Lives Matters,  Doh
over a police killing of a black man.
But BLM has morphed into a despicable political hate group.
They are avowed and trained Marxists  Horsepoop
that want to infiltrate the school systems with their ideologies,
and destroy American capitalist economics and government.
They want to totally eliminate police,
and put themselves in charge.

Democrats are so fucking stupid to allow this political imsanity,
to take over their entire party infrastructure.

Joe Basement Biden Whip
will just roll over and play dead for BLM if he gets elected.

AOC, and that horrid sick witch Omar will vault into power,
under a Biden presidency.

Whoever is going to be his VP pick better get ready to put Joe away in the dementia ward.
He isn't going to last mentally all the way to the election,
and the NYT is priming his excuse to NOT debate Trump.
Trump would leave Biden standing there with his pants down and his dick in his hand.

But the Democrat problem is that BLM and the squad is taking over their party.
Americans are waking up to this nightmare,
seeing law and order disappear in Democratic cities.

BLM has become a terrorist organization.
Shaun King called for:
BLM activists to invade churches and destroy any images or icons of baby Jesus.
This mother fucker is sick!
The other terrorist by the name of Hawk,
wants to:
"burn the entire system down"

These are Terrorists 
and they need to be jailed for a very very long time,
or they will start a civil war.

Cancel Culture out of control,
people losing their jobs because they speak their truth against the far left socialists.

Can you believe how crazy this far left socialist - communist shit is going?
Mainstream America wants nothing to do with it.
You need to stand up and fight, 
against the insane excess that BLM represents to America.

You think eliminating ---> Aunt Jemima <--- as the pancake mix icon,
is just a passing cancel culture excess?
They plan on controlling all books, TV and movie content.

Here is Aunt Jemima back in the late 30's I believe,
in Indiana,
where she was quite popular and loved,
by whites and blacks across the country,
and she would go on the road and advertise at markets and such,
serving her pancakes, while people lined up.

[Image: d4EeXQ4.jpg]

I prefer the Aunt Jemima pancake syrup,
over the:
Uncle Shaun Yak BLM pancake syrup.
This is what you get if you vote Democrat.

[Image: 8IK4XOK.jpg]

Aunt Jemima died at the hands of Black Lives Matters.
Only black Marxists,
and stupid far left liberal white people wanted to eliminate Aunt Jemima.
This is what Aunt Jemima would have to say ...

[Image: PEGqnEA.jpg]

Vote for Trump!
Donate money to Republicans.
I am, across the board to many of them.

If we let the country go to the Gates and the Globalists,
and the BLM Marxists and the Antifa pimple faced pussies,
we will end up being a server state for the Chinese Communist Party.
They want to control their populations with pandemic viruses and vaccines.
Just like this insane evil fuck is waiting like a snake in the grass,
to sink his needles and chips into our children.

[Image: PPusK75.jpg]

Where is Joe Biden?
He is still being hidden in his basement.
What a worthless piece of shit.

[Image: Joe-Biden-Sleepy-Joe-Mixes-Up-Coronaviru...-Virus.png]

funny farm candidate
ripe to be controlled by the far left 

[Image: EC5ubAAUYAIG0K-.jpg]


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