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Next President of the United Fates of America

Well we have had several weeks to watch Joe - basement bonehead - Biden,
slobber into his drool bucket and run away from reporters,
who won't ask him hard questions anyways.
So why does Joe run off the stage in most of his interviews without answering questions?
Because Joe - the bogus candidate - Biden,
knows he might botch an easy question and look even more stupid than he really is.
And his handlers have coached him to keep every move and sound he makes at a minimum,
to reduce public exposure to an obvious lack of mental competence.

[Image: ?]

The BIG QUESTION here is this:

How does the -- Deep State -- deep six --- Joe Biden,
as he slips further down the slippery slope of dummy dust into total dementia?
He will slowly become more of an embarrassment,
and the Deep State scheduled Kamala Harris to be president over a year ago.
Joe has no intention of being president for the next four years.
He is setting the stage for the ascension of Kamala Harris,
to the top of the pyramid of Globalist Billionaires Deep State shit.

Joe will either resign not long after elected {if he is elected},
for health reasons or whatever,
or Joe will be Deep State staged for removal via a choreographed elimination that makes him a hero.
Joe may die of coronavirus in a CNN special,
and they will march his casket through Washington like he is a national hero.
They will chuck him into the grave,
and on his gravestone,
will be inscribed
Joe Biden -- I kicked Corn Pop's ass.

Colbert rips Sleepy Joe a new asshole on the Corn Pop story,
or scroll to 4:25 for Joe's encounter with Corn Pop in 1962

[Image: p5mIDRk.jpg]

Xi Jinping -- endorsed Joe Biden for president.

And the Chinese media posted that Joe would be more ... "smooth to deal with" than Trump.
They will use Corn Pop's pomade  Rofl to lubricate Joes a-hole,
when they shove Corn Pop up his ass.

how does the Deep State -- deep six -- Joe Biden,
and install Kamala Harris as the "woke dictator" ?
Coronavirus is the perfect antidote to Sleepy Joe syndrome.
In Russia they use Novichok to get rid of problem political figures.

There is a novel idea!
Give Joe a cuppa Novichok mojo, and blame it on Putin Rofl

The transition from Joe Biden to Kamala Harris at the top of the Deep State pyramid of shit,
will be an historic event full of intrigue and scheduled for future history books,
to be written by BLM Marxists to be taught in schools for BLM indoctrination.

Joe Biden is an empty bowl of Corn Pops.
Kamala Harris is the new Super Sugar Crisp cereal for Americans to consume.
Kamala "brown sugar" Harris is the sweetener,
since white sugar is just too white for BLM Marxists.

Trump is definitely right about this:
if Joe Biden wins,
China will own us permanently.
They will start to dictate political policy in the USA.

Kamala Harris can't stand up to Putin.
She will kowtow to Xi Jinping and have her face in his lap sucking up his ideology.  Hi

So Step One,
in the Demento-cratic Deep State alliance with the Bernie AOC socialists and the BLM Marxists,
is to find a clean pathway to putting Joe out to pasture,
on the Climate Change Plantation Whip
That's right,
the Climate Change Plantation,
where all the black, white, Asian and Latino slaves,
are all wearing Nike tennis shoes -- made in China,
as they slave to pay for the costs of the New Green Deal.

Step Two,
is the ascension of Kamala "the woke mob president" Harris,
her pick for vice president.

Who will be Kamala Harris's vice president?
It will be another woman.
Likely black -- that would likely be Susan Rice.

[Image: cg58e4655463b6b.jpg]

Maybe Condolizard Rice ?
If Kamala's pick is a white woman it will be Amy Klobuchar.

So the Big Show to watch for,
How does the Deep State -- deep six -- Joe Biden,
to get rid of the embarrassment he really is,
and install their pick from Day One -- Kamala "the woke mob president" Harris.

but not least.
who is the most conspicuously missing in action Demento-crat,
during all this election coverage,
that will be an important part of a Kamala Harris administration?
Think about it.
that would be the gun czar who wants to take away all your guns -- Beto  Pennywise  O'Rourke 
He just disappeared ... into thin air.
Biden - Harris cannot afford to have Beto puking on network cameras about eliminating Americans gun rights,
and being the man who "takes your AR-15 and assault weapons".
But you can bet they will scrape that road kill off the political highway,
and resurrect him into a position of power.

Better vote for Trump,
or like he said,
you better learn to speak Chinese,
so that you understand the political requirements dictated from Beijing.


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