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Next President of the United Fates of America

Welcome to Limbo Politics.
Where the depravity of the far left socialist - communist knucklehead Dementocrats,
is matched in equal response with this long running satire.

The most amusing thing I could do to entertain myself politically,
through this gooey sticky swamp sludge of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden's,
sordid dealings with the Chinese and in Ukraine and elsewhere,
was to make a political cartoon,
about the easiest question that Biden will not answer.

I never realized how slimy Biden really was until he ran for president.
All the information released the last few days,
with Twitter Whip
censoring the story with illegal election interference,
is enough to prove that Biden,
is nothing more than a total sellout to the CCP.

And that is the reason why the far controlled left media went after Trump with the Russians so hard.
The Russians were the diversionary scapegoat,
when it was the Chinese buying the entire Obama adminsitration's compliance and favoritism.
Complete with fat bank checks to Hunter Biden,
for arranging the collusion between the Obama administration and the Chinese.

Biden is going to sell us all out to the Chinese NWO. Giljotina

Harris is the Whore of Deep State Babylon  Damned The Fake Truth Demon

Biden offers his first suggestions for packing the Supreme Court.

Xi Jinping -- aka Pingywise

Chelsea Clinton Clowndation

Sean King of Black Lives Marxists {Bidens replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsbirg}

Don Dick Head Lemon of CNN fake news
... notice that Lemon has a huge head in the image.
Lemon is the walking talking penis knob on the Biden Supreme Court,
Joe Biden's favorite felonious fuck-up, and reformed black criminal gangsta:

Corn Pennywise Pop Rofl

[Image: SB0fXUA.jpg]

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