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Next President of the United Fates of America

Welcome to Limbo Politics.
The depravity of the far left political insanity is challenged and met with primetime content.
Giving them back some of their own medicine ... so to say.   

The black rappers come out for Trump!
Lil Wayne just endorsed Trump.

[Image: c013090ea7134598aa1857131190d166_md.jpg]

Then some pussy ass black bitch boy rapper by the name of 50 Cent,
trashed Lil Wayne on social media.
50 Cent who initially endorsed Trump,
but then after his ex woke coke whore girlfriend Chelsea Handler,
excoriated and deballed him all over the world on social media,
this pussy crawled back to his socialist white liberal coke whore.   

Jason Whitlock is a fantastic black journalist that cannot tolerate white liberals,
and their planned Democratic plantation society of black slaves.

Jason whitlock --- rips into 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler.

Quote:Apparently we’ve found the lone celebrity Chelsea Handler has yet to bed. Rofl
It’s Lil Wayne.

Thursday the rapper tweeted support,
for President Trump’s proposed economic strategy for black Americans,
The Platinum Plan,
and included a picture of himself smiling next to the president.

As of this writing,
Ms. Handler has not publicly reminded Lil Wayne,
of her definition of blackness,
or offered him the privilege of banging a 45-year-old white coke whore.

It appears Ms. Handler has left the scolding of Lil Wayne,
to her former black f–k boy 50 Cent. Rofl

The G-Unit rapper who drew Handler’s rebuke,
for bashing Joe Biden’s tax plan,
tweeted disapproval of Wayne’s photographed embrace of Trump.

I don’t have a problem with coke whores — white, black or brown.
My problem is with liberals,
particularly white ones,
who attempt to control and limit the thoughts, actions and power of black people.

It is both necessary and healthy for black people,
to diversify their political opinion and support.
Iron sharpens iron. Conflict and resistance strengthen muscles.

Chelsea Handler and other white liberals,
seem committed to keeping black people weak and dependent.Whip

Their actions create the impression they want us (black people)
eliminated from the intellectual olympics.
They elected themselves the stewards of our culture and political point of view. <---

Ms. Handler’s public admonishment of Curtis Jackson (50 Cent),
was reprehensibly racist and egomaniacal.
What was worse is that pussy Mr. Jackson,
allowed her to do it without a strong public condemnation.

This article by Jason Whitlock is lengthy but very very intense and quite good.
I highly recommend that you read it in it's entirety. <---

On that note,
I want to get back to Chelsea cock breath Handler and her black pussyfoot boyfriend 50 Cent.
Chelsea is the star of tonight's Limbo Politics.

International Celebrity Woke Coke Whore Politically Correct Communist Chelsea Handler,
deballed her ex boyfriend -- 50 Cent -- on global social media.
He is now 50 Cent with no testicles.
He is a cowardly lion and a black pussy.

Chelsea tweets her approval,
after deballing weak tit rapper 50 Cent into submission as a two faced clown. 

[Image: cCfAX1p.jpg]

On the Chelsea Handler Show, one of her favorite guests was Greta Thunberg.

[Image: Ix8mYna.jpg]

It's so much fun to be a woke coke whore in 21st century Hollywood!

[Image: Wbn96De.jpg]

Chelsea Handler Coke whores for BLM money  Naughty

[Image: o36QTAr.jpg]

Well ain't she pretty, fake titties and all!
That cock breath might be difficult to get too close to however.
Just poke her in the woke spot for me, 50 Cent!
Don't let her talk you into oral sex though. Nonono


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