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Next President of the United Fates of America

Unfortunately in Michigan two spineless Republicans voted to certify the results,
when they were promised a full review and recount.
Now they are trying to rescind that vote saying they were lied to and bullied which is true.
But how fucking stupid can you get to trust a Democratic controlled vote count,
by people who hate Trump?

The whole thing hinges on Georgia right now.
If those two Senate seats are lost, the country is finished as America.

What pissed me off about the Georgia senate election was the Republican that ran against Loeffler.
He siphoned a lot of votes from her.
If he had not run against her, and she even acquired half his votes,
she would have won over the Democrat handily.

Aside from that it is quite obvious the election was stolen,
by Democrats who not only hate Trump,
they hate all conservatives.
They don't want to change America in the sense of Biden's BS "unity"
many of these rabid Democrats want to just jail, re-educate Chinese style, or just plain kill conservatives.

Twinkie snowflake youth mesmerized by Socialist wet dreams,
are now their own self appointed BLM and Antifa police, 
and they try to enforce their version of "social democrat values" in everything they do, every day.
They are all very sick people.
They will conspire and lie to put a conservative in jail if you make a comment counter to their ideology. <---
That is all it takes.
One comment,
and they condemn you as a Whitey, and they will conspire together to try to frame you in legal actions.
They believe it is justified.
Because media outlets like CNN and MSNBC have justified riots, looting and burning,
across the country,
and thus trained the twinkie snowflake youth, to be belligerent and nasty to the point of violence, 
but label these clowns as:
"social justice Democrats" .. and that is what young liberals think they are,
self appointed far left "social justice" police ... with policy dictated by corporations and media outlets.

The Bernie Sanders and Ka-mae-la Harris Socialists in America,
are all:

Especially young white women under the age of 30.
They are the sole factor that supports the BLM Marxists infrastructure far more than blacks themselves.
These psycho bitches all kneel to BLM, and demand that everybody else kneels,
or if you don't you get labeled as a bigot and racist.

These white women,
will all have children ... most with men of other color ... which is fine,
that is not the issue, Nonono
but this is what will happen:
They will all have kids,
and they will have a father figure for about 2-5 years,
and then all those males,
will get so sick of their over domineering white female Communist wives or partners,
such that those males will ALL leave those crazy white bitches behind,
because they are just too horrible to live with,
once you have to be there all the time with these females cracking the whip at every word you say.

Many blacks are starting to see what BLM really is.
BLM does not supply all those hundreds of millions it gets from billionaires,
back into the black communities.
They finance violence against conservatives and white people who might own a home.
They finance riots, looting and burning.
BLM does very very little for the black community itself.
BLM top power infrastructure,
Marxists millionaires ... given their money by Globalist billionaires,
that want to erect China as the leader of the NWO.

This is the most interesting aspect of the Democrats.
Biden is going to fade in one way or another and Ka-Mae-La Harris will be president.
Will Ka-Mae-La
concede to:
The Four War Whores of the Liberal Apocalypse -- the Squad,
and their socialist demands?
I think she will.

Ka-mae-la Harris is salivating to institute lock downs and to mandate coronavirus vaccine.
She will make that wretch Governor Whitmer look like Little Bo Peep.

And all you IDIOT liberals that want that CV19 vaccine mandatory,
you f-ing worthless clowns are going to have a funny look on your face,
when you realize:
this is ---> NOT A ONE SHOT VACCINE.
You will need booster shots, 
and they will mandate YEARLY update vaccines with excuse of "virus mutations".
You will get sick and tired of CV19 vaccine being pumped into your body.
Good luck you morons.

Joe Biden
what a bad joke ...
Quote Joe:
"I am going to stand up to China.
"China has to play by the rules"
watch Joe tell the Chinese to comply with the Paris climate treaty,
while China massively ramps up coal burning plants to power industry.
Xi Jinping,
is going to shove Corn Pop up Joe Biden's ass.

The "Paris Climate Agreement"  Rofl

let me see Angela Merkel turn off the  natural gas pipeline from Russia,
that heats German homes all winter.  Slap2

let me see Joe Biden and the Squad,
tell Vladimir  Hi Putin,
to convert to the New Green Deal climate change energy revolution,
as Russian massively expands natural gas exports in pipelines to Europe and China. 

what did Joe and AOC say?
They said this:
"we have 12 years to save the planet" from global warming.

Hey Joe!
The Chinese and the Russians aren't listening to you or AOC.
They aren't in the least bit convinced that:
in 12 years, or 24 years, or 36 years,
that the planet will end if they do not play stupid along with The New Green Deal political BS.

I will tell you all this:
Nuclear Fission plants for power, would be a far better solution,
than the New Green Deal.
Why is MIT and Lockheed Martin Skunkworks:
DRAGGING THEIR FEET  -- with --- NUCLEAR FUSION <-- energy technology?

because the New Green Deal will import cheap garbage solar panels from China, 
or finance failing garbage solar panel technology in Silly-con Valley.
Remember Obama and Solyndra?
The New Green Deal will be a repeat performance of that disaster.

You want free clean energy?
You don't manufacture behemoth wind farms, or import Chinese solar panels.
You put all the money into Cold Fusion research and development.

Here is the real Joe Biden, and this is what he will do with the Globalist billionaires.

[Image: 37HWf9T.jpg]


and now that Sleazy Uncle Joe is the "president elect"

[Image: D1cRwbG.jpg]


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