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Next President of the United Fates of America

Four years of relentlous far left liberal media smears and attacks,
on President Trump produced the Facebook Hate Trump Minions.
Through that time,
endless political cartooning of Trump, often with severely sociopathic content,
was fed non stop to CNN and MSBC viewers, and NY Times devotees,
just to mention a few.

Mika and Joe, they have a TV show.
You know, Morning Joe.
Who is the star of that show?
Donald Trump.
Joe and Mika don't have a show,
without Trump to fill the coffee cups of far left liberals their Daily Hate fix.

[Image: n_mj_intro_171130_1920x1080.jpg]

Let's go down Memory Lane to visit the real Morning Joe

Political Cartoons for DONALD TRUMP -- by Maria Grasmick -- collection online:
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

this image is the link image for the video below
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

A great video on psycho Joe:

So when you see some of my cartoons get a little unusual,
I am just trying to match the depravity of the far left liberals,
in a political cartoon,
by giving these rich millionaire fake communists,
the same medicine they like to dish out at conservatives.

Which brings us to -- New York Governor  Pennywise   Cuomo. 
Talk about an ego maniac!
This guy takes the cake in self promotion and narcissistic adoration.

Hollywood gave this vile creature an acting award.
For his media staged Covid 19 TV performance last winter and spring.

[Image: Zc5LMjg.jpg]

killer clowns from NY state


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