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Next President of the United Fates of America

Oregon Governor: Snitch On Your Neighbors For Violating Thanksgiving COVID Orders

Quote:Oregon’s latest health restrictions went into effect last Wednesday, 
and include limits on social gatherings 
(indoor or outdoor) 
to no more than six people from two households, 
limiting worship services to 25 people,
  and a maximum of 75 percent capacity for grocery and retail stores. 

It isn't the gyms and churches and restaurants that are spreading the CV19,
nearly as much as,
it is the packed with people large corporate grocery and retail stores IMO.

Local Fred Meyer supermarket is packed all day long.
Walmart is packed all day long.
Home Depot parking lot is full of cars.

Oregon government is run by Oregoonians Whip

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is akin to the old Romanian dictator Ceaucescu.

Kate Ceaucescu Brown --- insane --- 

[Image: KEHzYnR.jpg]


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