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Next President of the United Fates of America
This is Limbo Politics.
the depravity of the far left Democrats is exposed in political cartoons.

Eric Swalwell is the worst of the worst.
There is no lower that a politician can go.
He is a major threat to national security.
This is about as close to treason as it can get,
as the far left Democrats prepare to sell us all out to the Chinese.
Biden is nothing more than a pimp for Xi Jinping.

Swalwell's Chinese spy whore has the name Christine Fang,
while whoring her Chinese pussy all over Swalwell's face,
and other sellout Democrats.
In China,
she is known as --- Fang Fang.
China sends their military spy whores over to the USA,
to seduce dickless spineless trash like Swalwell.

Fang Fang --- this is a picture of her off the net in her Chinese whore dress.

[Image: xBNwOzD.jpg]

Biden selling out the country.
Watch for the liberal far left media work to replace him with Ka-Mae-La Harris,
over the coming months.

[Image: 1hfiZNs.jpg]



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