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Next President of the United Fates of America

quote Kalter:

Quote:Why are they going to have PLA soldiers train for winter warfare?
Does China plan on invading Siberia,
or launching a Red Dawn attack on the US?

China knows it has a primetime pussy named Trudeau in Canada,
and they are allowing him to appease them by placating to their military propaganda interests.
This was a propaganda victory for the Chinese,
that Trudeau handed them. 
In return Trudeau gets untrustworthy promises of leniency in tariffs from China, 
exampled by huge tariffs recently levied upon Australia.
It is up to the Canadian populace, who as a whole do not trust the Chinese <---
to rid themselves of the far left liberal rot and sickness that Trudeau represents.

Speaking of "rot and sickness"
let's turn our attention to the Deep State Whip  here in America,
and the protectionism the Deep State and the far left media gives to the Biden family --currently.

Hunter Biden is nothing less than a whore for the Chinese.
He is no different than Swalwell's spy whore Fang Fang.
Hunter is a bitch dog for Xi Jinping to impregnate with Chinese cash meant to spawn Chinese control and influence.
Hunter Biden is a treasonous greedy traitor.
Just like dear old deadbeat dad.
They both love that fountain of Chinese cash -- paper jade -- with the imperial seal of Xi Jinping. 

50 of these Deep State -- Pieces of Shit -- all signed a letter,
about two weeks before the election,
stating that the Hunter Biden story was Russian Nonono disinformation.

They didn't care to see the evidence in the emails,
they just wanted to get rid of Trump by open conspiracy to lie to the American public.
This was a smoke screen carried by the liberal media,
as the excuse to not cover the Biden corruption with China pre-election,
and to shield the Biden candidacy from public scrutiny just before the election.

Brennan and Clapper will abandon Biden when the heat in the Deep State kitchen gets uncomfortable.
This story is likely to spin out of control for Biden as the next couple of months develop.
This is where the far left liberal media may turn against Biden,
to force the Harris presidency on to the center stage.
I would like to see Biden last a while, into late Spring at least.
Long enough for him to suffer through a likely humiliation,
in a slow death of his presidency, over the Hunter Biden scandal.
We shall see.
The writing will be on the wall within a couple of months,
if the Biden family Chinese corruption scandal is going to take Sleazy Joe down.
I have my doubts there will be a Deep State rescue of Biden, 
if the American public gets truly exposed to the content of the emails.

Brennan and Clapper -- Deep State Toilet Floaters

[Image: dcEV5Mu.jpg]

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