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Next President of the United Fates of America
Vianova, thanx  fort following the SCIENCE and FLAT FACTS.

USA didn't even make the top 30 nations because many of them were in ANIMAL market that is why they were chanting them as "soy soldiers" since they were not often FULLY participating in the games.

I still think that the CIA really WAS inside the China BIO lab...they needed the bat DNA to blame this pandemic that North Caroline University and Ft Detrick MD and Fackshe and many other AMERICAN or "West" virologist are listed in ALL the literature as you POINTED out. 

It actually goes back to Bush admin in 2005.

You think 911 was done by CIA agent Osama BinLaden who was on DIALYSIS constantly?  Remember movie "Charlie Wilson's War?" CIA agents looking to give new rocket launchers into hands of MuhAdjeen and needed funding without going through "regular channels".  i.e. "Deep State Shit"  And Germany reported he died with his CIA handler in Dubia in December 2001.  And Obama's take out in Pakistan stuck in small "situation room" everyone crammed in as 'overseen' the Seal Team US Patriots using OLD Vietnam "Style" Helicopters who ALL but ONE man then died in helicopters crashes within  3 months of the "operation" .  That was no 'situation' fracking room..where were the people he supposed to be 'overseeing'.. more likely hidding with Killery and co...including Biden.

No it's was the Zionists using 2 nukes of different types made by...guess who and wasn't  made in America.

Now were in the middle of the Globalists run by a SENIOR DemoCrack with half a mind and is running an agenda written by Bernie Sanders, his wife and other Socialists folks who wrote their agenda long before they could USE it.

Same as 911 the new USA PATRIOT Act (H.R. 3162) was READY before 911 itself.

Now we have the "Deep State Frackheads" are interfering in the Stock Market because the "Globalists" just lost over 15 Billion in  more than  ONE of those "Stock Hosing Hustlers" by the POPULISTS of everyday people seeing these #GlogalGaggers got their asses full of the diarrhea they just were burst too quick to wipe their own assess.

So now they wish to change the rules...same Dr Fcukshe et al.

As I stated B4 Crypto currencies are going to be place to put your value. Eventually because China just beat America in amount of foreign funds investing into USA.  China now makes more people buying ITEMS from China than America .. thanx to a slip of the pen and a pissed off Canada, and Americans as fuel is going UP for Americans, jobs making $100,000 year that in total New Mexico State is broke; pipeline stopped when only 50 miles or so to finish; the border wall is STOPPED. 

All of America is getting fracked and this "Deep State Satanic Suck Sheeple" won't stop until we vote for as Jesse Ventura once stated "vote NONE of the Above"

What the Frack would politicians do then.

I dreamed of a for-profit Political Party and still wish it might happen.

Vianova..thanx again for that black Jade rock..still treasure it.

Sorry for spelling and double typing this Rendering machine is not designed for what I am doing with it; but is only one I still have running.

BUDS  Luv MAKE CANNABIS aka "The GOD Plant"  LEGAL !!! Trump SHOULD have down that by Executive Order Day he LEFT bad

Bob... Ninja Assimilated Angel
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]

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