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Next President of the United Fates of America

Biden opened his big mouth after taking the bait from Stephanopoulos,
in an interview yesterday on TV.
Biden called Putin a "killer" that will "have to pay",
when Stephanopoulos baited Biden into being a tough guy.

The Russians were not happy,
and Putin simply did the one thing that Biden can't stand up to.
Putin challenged Brain Dead Joe Biden to an international debate.

In the meantime, the Chinese ripped US secretary of state -- blinking Blinken,
a new asshole in the face to face talks,
humiliating the Biden administration,
as totally and worthlessly ineffective.

Putin and Xi Jinping clearly see the decay of American unity,
forced upon the US social demographics by the woke orthodoxy,
and cancel culture identity politics.
Putin and Xi Jinping see American military resolve,
morale and effectiveness plummet,
under the complete idiot Biden installed in the DoD.

They are salivating to see Ka-mae-La Harris,
soon take over from Biden as his mental condition worsens,
and fully dismantle the nation into a woke version of hell.

Lots of nervous Taiwanese looking at all this,
as our nation gets over run by immigrants at the border.
This is front page news on every international news channel <--

The Biden - Harris presidency ...
unleashing the Epic Fail America ...

And Biden is so brain dead,
that he cannot even remember that he is the president Whip
when he gaffed again for the TV news,
and called Ka-Mae-La Harris the president again, today!

[Image: jxBkeVm.jpg]

Ka-Mae-La Harris can't debate Putin.
Ka-Mae-la Harris can't stand up to Xi Jinping.
The only thing Ka-Mae-La Harris knows how to do,
is destroy the nation,
by baiting a race war with hate whitey propaganda,
and using the woke orthodoxy and cancel culture identity politics to keep her in power.

When the Fake Truth Demon {Harris}  takes over for Joe Biden,
black, red, brown and white,
will all do what they did when they rejected her in the Democratic debates <--- 
Americans will recognize again, 
the incredibly unappealing fake and fraud that Ka-Mae-la Harris really is. 
When that happens,
the fake news media will not be able to save her.

The Dem's are going to slowly but surely destroy themselves with their own woke sickness.


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