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Next President of the United Fates of America

We as Americans are in really big trouble with the clown infestation in power.
We are about to lose this great nation to stupid people,
and criminally ignorant corporations.

We have a half wit moron for a president,
and a cackling hag as vice president.

Gutless trash American corporations go after the Georgia voting law,
when states like New York and Biden's Delaware, and many others, 
have far worse voting laws with far less benefits to voters,
and those same corporations,
say nothing about those Democratic states.

Mother fuck American professional  Tp  Baseball.
I will never watch baseball again.
I gave up on basketball -- my favorite sport all my life ...
because it made me sick to see crybaby fake plastic pussy LeBron James, 
defend the Chinese government,
and cry about all the money NBA players might lose.

Fuck you NBA, 
and fuck you Le  Tp   Bron, 
you are a coward,
and media entertainment whore for the CCP.

Football I did watch this last year, and if they get any worse,
with this Woke Insanity,
they will be off my list as well.


These rotting corporations like Coca Cola and Delta and all the rest that voiced support,
for the moving of the all-star game out of Atlanta,
while the same rotting corporations Whip
support the Chinese winter Olympics Whip 
the CCP incarcerates and murders millions of Uyghur people,
is the peak of American corporate hypocrisy.

Coca Cola whores itself to the Chinese market.

In the meantime <---
the rest of the world sees Biden choke and lose his train of thought repeatedly,
and what is more disgusting,
than seeing Ka-Mae-La Harris laugh and cackle like an unholy hag, 
at anything she doesn't have an answer to when questioned?

What Americans don't see in their liberal news sources,
is what the rest of the world sees and hears on their news.

Our government is the laughing stock of the rest of the world.
The Chinese are ready to pounce on us,
and they know they are gong to win in the war,
because we are outgunned in the Pacific,
and Biden,
and Harris,
are using race Whip 
to divide the country while preaching a fake unity.

The Democrats are the true racists.
Pushing the black man against the white man, and calling any resistance to democratic policy as racist.

Biden and Harris, Shumer and Pelosi ---> are racists that want to destroy racial unity.

The border crisis is seen across the world,
far more clearly,
than your liberal news sources let you see.
Liberal mainstream democrats and the nation, 
have been deceived and taken over by Corporate Communist woke insanity <---

Here is a video from Australia,
that shows how people across the world are seeing this government of Stupid Clowns.


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