Whole Lot of FAKING Going On...

Plus a bit of intellectual theft, fakery, greed, and plenty of staged media Mars anomaly 'investigation' to go along with it. Let's shine some light through it.

Anyone keeping up with this topic over time and familiar with me knows that for nearly twenty years now I've ventured to bring some realism to
 the study of the many anomalies in planetary imaging, both discovering and investigating items I've seen as well as those seen by others. This has
 truly been a community effort spread over years, and many surprisingly convincing items have been cataloged and detailed, all gradually tending
towards an ever greater volume of not easily dismissible evidence for artificiality. This is exactly as intended: in order for convincing points to be
theorized about this extraordinary subject, the evidence also has to be just as extraordinary, factual, and backed by the most unimpeachable data.

With time the probes which gather this data have vastly improved, as has the data itself; so also the imaging technology to examine these has
advanced apace, the ways in which anomalous items can be presented publicly has improved massively too. I've watched the topic grow together
with the technology to a point of mass cultural permeability, and truly this should indeed be the case. That there may once have been or presently
be civilization on Mars is an incredibly fascinating topic for extended fantasy and reams of both science and fiction. It is also a topic the reality of
which if in the least bit factual would truly, profoundly and permanently change our world. It's as well one for which we have outstanding evidence.
I think this evidence is feared, and that this fear is the source of all misdirection, disinformation, obfuscation, and plain fakery on the topic, ever.

With that out of the way, let's get down to the brass tacks of this matter. There's a 'new' phenomena in the genre of Mars and space anomalies;
the self-produced hosted video. While this form of media can be an extremely useful and wonderful tool for spreading good information about a
topic, it's producing its own forms of chicanerous charlatans. As I plan to show, in the wrong hands this can be a running dis- & mis-informational
disaster, full of monetized false self promotion and the breeding ground for some of the worst cases of intellectual theft and outright fakery so far
 ever seen by the planetary imaging and Mars anomaly communities. It's now become the popular thing among what I see as crude and unscrupulous
lay-researchers to doggedly troll the NASA Mars imaging archives, Mars anomaly researchers websites, and Facebook's group posts looking for
just about any even vaguely anomalous photo being discussed, then purloin them in order to have material for making hyped-up monetized videos.

Once found, they'll scurry off quickly with nary a shred of further evidence and Photoshop the image until it looks like something's in it, and I'm not
 talking the photoshopping as in clearing an image up a bit  and a little balancing of the color, I'm talking sharpening and resizing Jpeg artifacts on
the browse (not raw) dataset images until they become elements of the scene (which they're not) and/or painting items & details in that aren't really 
even there (I'm sure that's known as hoaxing). They'll then come up with some sensational and fantastic sounding name and headline for the item,
(typically claiming any kind of nonsense imaginable- the crazier the better) and produce & upload video about it, None of this is designed to 'share 
 the wondrous discoveries of Mars" with you, it's only designed to get clicks for revenue, and to hell with who they took from or what it really means.
So, now we see that the viewing of these videos on the host's site generates income off the backs and out of the pockets of the actual discoverers.
This practice has plagiarized several researchers' well known established copyrighted material and In all legal effect is stealing the writings, enhancing,
and published works done by others while mocking the said item's actual discovers.  That's pretty reprehensible in my book, and not all of it, by far.

 Not to be discounted, there are also those which ignorantly approach this, desiring grandiosely to be the discoverers of something amazing- but with
absolutely no experience nor training with the images other than the ability to see them, This type does things like click on Google Mars or NASAs
  archives randomly and then makes big outlandish claims about things they think they see on the low res maps and other imagery types. Most have
 no real clue about technical aspects of the images nor the terrains they're looking at and lack proper instruction in methods for utilizing planetary
 imagery. In result these big claims with stunning names simply fall apart under cursory scrutiny like sandcastles in a tidal wave. This reflects badly
on others doing this research, and is complicated more once these uninformed ones figure out about monetizing their videos. Often it turns out these 
so easily dismissible, often pareidoliac videos are picked up by a media which seems intent on making these errant views represent the views of us all.

All of the previous are pretty bad, but then we get to the infuriating types: those purposefully destroying valid possible anomalies by much the same
tactics as both the above, only this is malicious, and with a twist. What better way to get people to pooh off and shun this entire subject than to take
 images with good base anomalies on them, blatantly fake an item on them with Photoshop and then claiming outrageous and easily disproven idiocy on
 them to a colluding press? What better way to help any official reporting media to push an agenda of "You're all seeing things" than actively promote
these sorts of videos? Ever hear of a straw man? They get to kill three birds with one stone (Don't forget, these videos also bring in cash). So while
 these riff-raff are busy faking away remaining hopes of credibility on the subject of anything being a remnant or any other type of artifacts of  technical
 nature, most decent researchers looking at the subject and seeing this trash will prejudiciously dismiss it offhand and unreviewed without so much as
 bothering to look any closer at all. The result here is that both the fake and the good anomalies within get thrown out in the same garbage bag while the
overall consensus reached from this is one the media wanted all along- that is: it's pareidolia; "You're all seeing things!" Not 'what could these be'?

Worse still is when people with minds open enough to consider such a concept as former civilization on Mars see these and base their further
opinions of the entire matter, pro or con, on false information provided for just such a purpose. I personally don't like being manipulated, do you?

So do i simply hate Mars anomaly videos? No! Not at all, I am all for using that media to disseminate anomaly information, In fact, I'm quite upset that
 this abhorrent behavior by others makes it very much harder for other guys that know their subjects well, do great work and awesome research (while
not faking nor stealing from anyone) to get deserved media coverage rather than some cocked up fantasy faker who fits an agenda. I'll publicly salute
anyone held in the endeavor, but as for the rest of these clowns? It's like this. They're stealing, they're faking, and they're trying to lead folk astray...

 We're not letting this slide. We're also taking our anomalies back out of irresponsible hands, They've painted them up and whored them out for little more
   than a few petty ad dollars and a tiny little slice of undeserved notoriety, and in doing so have allowed the news media to push a promoted agenda on us all.

We'll be going over some of these videos on the following pages, if one or more of them is yours that's too damned bad. You should probably go
rethink things. For all the 'journalists' that covered this without investigating enough to tell whether or not an image was blatantly faked? You
facilitating fakery and false investigation. You're foisting false claims while contrarily touching nothing with any real substance. You're busted too.

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