Mars Underground bases:
NASA 'covering up existence of
openings on Red Planet surface'

According to YouTube's dahboo0077 (Marcelo Irazusta) and his cohort Sandra Elena Andrade, the presence of these items on Mars means that NASA has
 covered up the existence of underground bases. For evidence they offer images from Google Mars' visible color image layer map, which is a low resolution
mosaic of overlapping image strips stitched onto Google Mars' globe. This is a clear cut case of claiming outrageous things on imagery they know little about. 

If you recall, in Whole Lot of FAKING Going On I described this type of folks; "There are also those which ignorantly approach this, desiring grandiosely to be the
 discoverers of something amazing- but with absolutely no experience nor training with the images other than the ability to see them, This type does things like click
on Google Mars or NASAs archives randomly and then makes big outlandish claims about things they think they see on the low res maps and other imagery types.
Most have no clue about technical aspects of the images nor the terrains they're looking at and lack proper instruction in methods for utilizing planetary imagery.
In result these big claims with stunning names simply fall apart under cursory scrutiny like sandcastles in a tidal wave. This reflects badly on others doing
 this sort of research seriously, and is complicated more once these uninformed ones figure out about monetizing them. Often it turns out these so
easily dismissible, often pareidoliac videos are picked up by a media which seems intent on making these errant views represent the views of us all. "

It honestly took me every bit of about 5 minutes to disprove this one, all I had to do was check their source. When I did I discovered that they really didn't know
what they're looking at. Below is the exact same place and item shown above in the fake! shot, The upper image is the visible imaging map, the lower is a much
  higher resolution HiRise CTX (Context Imager) photo of the exact same location, pinned for accuracy. All I did was open the CTX layer then screen shot both.

The item has disappeared because it's not actually on the surface. It's a stitching mark resulting from the placement of all the strip images on the globe.
I have tried to explain before to those  involved that these are image stitch marks on the low res map, but they paid no heed. Will Farrar tried to tell them
 about the same thing "They are caused by Google Earth's algorithm lining on the globe. If you notice, they all occur along the line where two images meet ."
I don't guess they listened to him much either, but why would they? The truth would get in the way of their temporary notoriety, and would ruin their chance
 to bilk a little money off it by taking advantage of the gullible- and they have, with about 450k views and media attention, I'd say there were MANY of those.

I think it suspicious that so much media can pick up on this yet no one in that media bothered to even simply check Google Mars themselves, had they done
so they'd have instantly seen that this is a fake, a misinterpretation, and a sensationalist monetized video designed to draw views which they're paid for.
They wasted a lot of time searching the globe for these stitch marks, but they did find many more- You can check them if you wish, but they are what I show.

Stitch mark locations

44°18’34.26″N 158°16’25.14″O
44° 9’35.34″N 158°15’55.94″O
44° 0’44.04″N 158°15’26.36″O
43°46’42.86″N 158°15’17.72″O
43°37’53.62″N 158°15’6.98″O
43°32’52.55″N 158°15’1.12″O
43°25’55.35″N 158°14’7.84″O
43° 9’14.65″N 158°13’57.00″O
41°28’15.03″N 158°11’8.48″O
40°58’45.19″N 158°12’42.94″O
38°58’52.29″N 158°12’49.07″O
37° 0’31.61″N 158°10’28.62″O
37°59’42.27″N 153°37’20.06″O
39°17’19.19″N 153°40’2.30″O
43°19’50.68″N 153°51’33.65″O
43°42’43.53″N 153°52’56.70″O
45°43’53.84″N 153°59’41.19″O

Notice the coverage by the media. Did they investigate, or did they push this because it's so ludicrous? The latter, because this is a tactic, not coverage.

You might start noticing a pattern of who's pushing this stuff:

 The overall consensus reached from observing this mess is one the media has pushed all along- that is: it's pareidolia; or "You're all seeing things!"
 To do so they have to foist nonsense by nobodies rather than real anomalies by actual researchers whom they can't refute or make look ignorant.

Irazusta and Andrade, you should learn what you're looking at or just stop!  Greed, deception and ignorance do not mix.

Join me as we continue observing fake anomalies, and the media that promotes them on the next page;

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