Huge Buildings & Structures at Mt Sharp

and then there are those whose motives you're not sure of...

Here we have what according to 'ArtAlienTV-Mars Zoo' is an image showing huge buildings and so forth lying in a valley off in the far distance at the foot of Mt. Sharp.
Spectacular right? That's the kind of 'find' those that do this sort of thing live for. While I'd never question the worthy act of anyone looking at the images subjectively and
drawing  highly speculative hypotheses based on what they're seeing, I do take extreme issue when those conclusions are based on shoddy and biased imaging work.

That is exactly what we have here, because those wonderful piers and buildings above are fabrications that are not apparent on the actual imagery, even when enhanced.
That Curiosity is heading this general direction and noting all sorts of oddity is not in question, far from it. What's in question here are the imaging practices that turned the actual
image into what we see above. As we're already aware, calling a painting an enhancement is intellectually and evidentially dishonest, and that includes when the painting is done
by tweaking levels and sizes on compressed imagery until shapes appear that simply are not there. I understand people want to believe there could be such a thing, I do too;
however, faking up a Mars image to make a monetized (yet easily debunked) video isn't helping the truth of the matter not one single insignificant little bit- it's actually hurting it.

Let me show you what's really far and away back in that mysterious little valley using the actual raw science images and proper enhancement techniques.
This scene was taken on sol 953, you can view the NASA web version here. Below is a version processed from the raw science image via the PDS.

For a good scale of the distance were looking at, and a testament of Curiosity's magnificently clear eyes, the area is 2-3 km distant. Quite a curious looking
place at first glance. Here's what it looks like when we bring it in much closer without trashing the detail as they've done in their so called 'enhancements'

What we can now see is that this is a bowl shaped stratified terminus of a valley running between two massifs, this terminus is segmented by at least 4 very
distinct strata, with various smaller layers between them. Material slides from the massif top on the left  have flowed down and deposited over these layers.
There is also a trick of perspective at work here, the massif and strata on the left are closer to us, and we are looking at both its slope and slides from a side 
view; the slides are in reality a little further apart. We are seeing a portion of the semicircular valley bottom  and strata layers from a horizontal perspective.

Not quite as sensational as a Martian Dome Entrance, not even an anomaly; and sometimes these things don't pan out as thought, especially when you fake it!

To verify this, I turned to the HiRise images. It has covered this area better than most any other on Mars, and Curiosity's perspective view at any given time
 is not a secret, everything it's done has been well documented. The exact same area seen from the ground can also be seen from the sky in super resolution.

I've annotated this to show Curiosity's approximate field of view, the circle denotes the main area in question. Isn't it wonderful to have multiple datasets?

HiRise can see this area better from orbit than Curiosity can see it from its position on the ground. at 27 cm res it could probably spot us if  we were
 lying there making dust-angels. Click the image to view the unannotated full 27 cm resolution sectional of the pertinent area from ESP_035350_1755

We also have a surface image of the area taken a little closer to it.  No real raw science data has been released for this as of yet,
 so we'll use the web version 'raw' (which is not really that great, nor raw). I'll bring us in.

 Perhaps ArtAlienTV-Mars Zoo  and other so called anomalists should do a little more investigating and a lot less artful interpretation, everything they needed to do the same in
depth investigation I just did is readily and easily available to them as well- but then again, the point seems to be making sensationalistic videos to draw sponsored views rather
 than any sort of real investigation of anomalies. It does however make me wonder why the  media hounds didn't pick up on this one like the rest of the faked mess of recently?

Let's go look at another, this one deserves a rub!

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