NASA Discovers Buddha on Mars

Bring in the clowns because this one's just plain stupid. Once again we have Paranormal Crucible and Scott Waring trying to show
us the truth about what's on Mars by blatantly faking an item seen in a Curiosity image and making a click for pay video about it.

I'm not even going to harangue on this again; we see the pattern these two have already exhibited. (You know, the old taking a web jpeg and torturing it, then
 painting in what they think they see and calling the result "enhancing and processing" thing) What I'll do instead is simply show you the actual best form images.

You can find the web version jpeg here This is the image made from the actual raw science data.

What we're seeing here is a rock topped mound at medium distance to the rover. We have no real scale here but a decent guess would be the ridge is at
least 20m from the rover, and quite possibly further. The object in question is located in the rocks left of ridge center, a little far away and pretty small.
It will take a good deal of enhancement to bring it close enough to see any details, and may be a bit more than the MastCam is capable of seeing clearly.

 The image had to be enlarged 550% to get this small fuzzy view. That's not so good. The 'head' is the bottom edge of the rock above. The image quality isn't
that great either. To be bluntly honest, this item is beyond the camera's fine scale resolution, and therefore simply cannot be determined as anomalous.

It's really small on the image, 30x30 pixels is all the item covers. There's not enough pixels to make a detailed image out of it. 

  Ror some reason they used their imagination and photoshop to paint it in. Why do that? What motive besides the monetized video? 

The result of this is that it's an extremely weak anomaly; faking in a statue doesn't help it. Being as that is however, it is apparent the media
did not hesitate to seize upon it and use it to defame anyone that would propose such things, lumping all of us in together with these charlatans.

 This one was covered pretty extensively on many news sites, wonder why? Can you say 'strawman'? Could there be complicity? Same story is on all.

"You guys are seeing things and this proves it!" not "These guys are faking this stuff and selling it!" Are you seeing a pattern yet?

 There are numerous good anomalies and investigators which go ignored by these same so-called media outlets. They seem sycophantic to the fakers
 and lacking the conviction to call it just what it is; photoshopped nonsense. They do however have the conviction to promote it and say it's pareidolia.
 They'd also like to lump all of us anomaly researchers into the same category with this whacked out bunch of "UFO and alien hunters" that fake finds.

They tried to fool you into thinking this tiny little item looked like this art work. These guys should just do paintings and stay away from anomalies.

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"On a satellite I ride, nothing down below can hide"

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