Alien Crab Found On Mars By NASA Rover

 The fake little picture that spawned 1000 youtube videos and gave the media the Martian Crabs

Not sure what it is up with the SpongeBob theme, but once again, we're being sold another crabby patty. I think the graphic above pretty much describes
it in a nutshell.  Here's one nobody's taking credit for, because it seems no one really knows who it originated from. It was nonetheless covered by news
media in a multiple and major way. That no one steps up and claims it is entirely curious, Who found this again? Who did this image? Who painted it up?

Will Farrar was actually the first one to point this oddity out and he states that he did not do the image, but that shortly after he pointd it out, Scott Waring 
and Paranormal crucible came out with this crab. The media jumped on it like rabid Pit bulls on a raw pork chop. Let's look at what they claim we're seeing; an
 item which does at face value look pretty much like a crab like creature. I don't take anything at face value. This image is directly from one of their most avid
promoters,, who if you will remember has been involved in several of these fake anomaly cases as of late. How do you like their little caption?

 Click the image below to see the full sized fake source.

The above are NOT my 'enhancements', but the actual photo that made the rounds on all the pertaining news sites. The first question that comes to my
mind is this: Why is the 'Crab' clear and displaying delicate lines while everything around it is a lossy jpeg compression marked blur? Another is this:
Why are the same fine details not evident at all in the smaller area of the very same image, just below the 'enhancement'? See that little thing? That's it.

Judging from the lossy look of the parent image they used, we see that once again someone has taken a web version 'raw' jpeg from the Curiosity
site, done things to it that are in no way valid, then painted in items that aren't really even there at all, hiding  fakery behind the term 'enhancement'
Let's go look at the real raw science data and see what's actually down there as well as something else important- what this is distracting us from.

The web version 'raw' lossy jpeg image can be seen here. Luckily for us, the science image for this scene is available in rare 8 bit lossless format
and fully calibrated, which means it's in the absolute best form for further enlarging and enhancement. The  image is in fact quite amazingly clear.

We see it's a shattered mound of layered materials lying about 10-15 m away. The purported crab is the tiny ruddy thing I've pointed out. In relation
  to the entire image, the object is quite small, I'd estimate it to be about the size of a large squirrel. it covers only 25X25 pixels, which poses problems
for anyone trying to get any sort of detail out of any enlargement of it. Simply put, there's not many pixels there to work with, much less blow up 550%.

Here is what the lossless raw science data shows it looks like when resized to 400%. We see plainly that it is something, it is a slightly different color
than the surroundings, and that most of those wonderful crabby details shown in the media boosted image are plainly not there. Why is that I wonder?

The answer lies in the one thing the image they used has which the lossless image above does not; jpeg compression artifacts.  Even  enlarged
to 400% , the above image is still clear and there are none to be seen.   No further enhancement other than enlargement was done. So where
 did most of the appendages and the little pinchers go? The answer is simple; I never painted any onto it, nor tortured artifacts into false details.
Notice I do not say the item is not anomalous, because it certainly is, I'm calling out the obvious fakery done to this incredibly curious item

 To show that this is indeed what was done to the poor 'lil maligned crabby I decided to try replicating their fakery using the web version jpeg. Turns out 
it was easier than I thought it would be. First I took the web jpeg, zoomed  it in to 550%, boosted the color levels, applied fade correction, blur, high  pass
 filter, edge detect, add random noise, gaussian blur then sharpen. After this I took out the lighten brush, going over the legs and adding in the same details
 seen on the original fake. When finished painting, I again used blur to soften the brush lines, and continued fine adjustments with color level and sharp filters.

 No two ways about it, this one was plain out faked. I replicated it in about 15 minutes and can duplicate the process in even less. Though I do NOT like faking any
 image at all, in this particular case it was called for in order to prove it was done. My results are nearly identical to theirs, and those details are not really there.

Now let's look at the major and minor media that took part in the pareidolia-fest afterwards. Never mind that these guys faked this image, or that actually there may
be something very anomalous about it, we are instead told we are seeing things! Another question is How does this Scott Waring fellow have the press in his pocket?

None of these coverages below tell you it's a fake, all say you're seeing things. Are they all so unobservant as to miss an obvious fraud or are they a part of it?

So at the root of it all, we have a nice anomaly that got lost in the fog of fakery, disinformation, and agenda. We also got a bit misdirected.
In that very same image and missed by most everyone because of this crabbity-doo is perhaps one of the best surface anomalies yet seen.
On top of that pile are remains of something that if not masonry, it sure appears very close. A piece of fractured wall is all that still stands.

No mention of that however. "Move along... nothing to see here."

Now let's get away from the intended fraud and look at some simple clueless faking from misinterpretation

Remains of Ancient Alien STARGATE Discovered on Mars (coming soon)

"On a satellite I ride, nothing down below can hide"

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