Alien Drone Found On Mars?

 First on the Whole lot of Faking Going On list and the most obvious of planted forgeries we have is an Alien Drone!
With a title like that, who wouldn't want to click on it and see it? And although the title's promise conjures this:

 the actual item, seen on the surface of Mars as viewed by the Curiosity rover, seems to evoke a very technical piece of hardware; or a rock. The images here
 below were copied intact from the originating website. On the left a supposed NASA original, the right- what is claimed to be a processed enhancement of it.

You may have seen this image before, it's been around- problem is, these guys have faked it, blatantly.  To be clear: this item is an extremely curious object,
let's get that straight and foremost -but- the left image is not original, and the one on the right is NOT an enhancement; it's a painting, period. Enhancement
is generally the subtle manipulation of an images elements to bring out further detail within.  This is not that,
this is painting in what they think they see and
calling that an enhancement. I didn't need anything further to trip my trigger, that's dishonest misinformation. Artistically rendered visual aids should  always
be  presented definitively. Does this thing scream alien drone to you? if so, How? If it resembles anything artificial at all I'd say that it would be a wheel hub.

 Let's see the thing a bit more completely using the actual NASA raw science data (not the lower quality website browser versions so many others use) while
 applying proper enhancement and sound investigation techniques. I'm a satellite and planetary imaging specialist, it's what I do, and I'm taking this one back

The item in question is on two rover images from Sol 64. Curiosity website browse versions are here, and here. I've put the two together below for a wider view.
Given the scale of the images, the item is approx 12' wide and around 8' tall, and that's being generous. We see the shape of two joined inverted discs, with an

odd round protuberance between them. On top is a rounded raised area, and on the upper rim at right there are a couple short straight items sticking up.
Very much like a hub, I stop short from claiming this only because from this vantage point we can't actually tell if the rimmed shape is definitely round, even
 though all appearances would seem to point to that conclusion. Let's really turn it on up and see what it looks like when it's up closer and actually enhanced.

No doubt, this is a fine anomaly, No further painting, faking or other deceitful  techniques need be applied. What was faked is now recovered and it is remarkable!
We're not sure on the exact origins of this one, but the two main sources emanating it seem to be (run by a fellow named Scott Waring) 
and a Youtube channel and facebook entity known as Paranormal Crucible (whose page says to be Marie from the UK). Little else concrete seems known about
her, but more from them later.  It may be important to note that both came out with these within a day of one another; Waring first and Paranormal Crucible next.

Those dates were Nov. 2nd and 3rd, 2015. Magically the media began picking up on the story the very same day it came out. I find that detail particularly
curious. Since when did this become common practice? Mars anomalies and anomalists, even the great ones, don't normally draw instant media attention
 and never have. In fact, was so curiously on-the-ball they had a large story covering it ready instantly! (actually 9:30 am UK time on the 2nd)

Other media sources also covered this the very same or next  day or two as well. A simple search on the title in Google returns several of them.

None of them caught the very obvious fact that these people faked the image. This should have been the very first thing noticed, but that wasn't the point was it?

Obviously there's a more likely scenario we're looking at here. People in the media are either behind these clowns (with their fake, easily debunkable anomalies and
silly sensational headlines) to make a farce of this all: or these shysters are using the media to drive views to their monetized Youtube videos. I'm betting it's both.

I'd like to put their video here, but I'm not about giving them any views for money, If you see the image at page top you'll not see anything new there.


 Let's now look at the next example on the Whole Lot of Faking Going On list

 "Not a hoax. Mars rover photographs Mayan/Aztec style head!"

"On a satellite I ride, nothing down below can hide"

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