Terrifying Head Found On Mars!

"Not a hoax. Mars Rover Photographs Mayan/Aztec Style Head!"

"Oh my god! It's True! this proves there were Mayans on Mars!"

Well, not exactly... though that's exactly what Paranormal Crucible here would like to fool you into believing. That way you'll see this sensationalistic and 
utterly fabricated nonsense painted onto an otherwise very decent anomaly and generate some money from you viewing the video. Her coverage of this item
also coincides with this coverage by
http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/mayanmars.html : a"freelance journalist"  and self supposed photographic expert.
 I beg to differ, any photographic expert would agree; using lossy jpegs for detailed enhancements is a bad practice and that painting in isn't enhancement.

How do I know he used lossy compressed jpegs? Because you can clearly see the compression artifacts on it. Notice the squares all over it? That's what
is giving his particular copy of that image the details which they've been fooling people into thinking are facial features.  It's best to NEVER use web version
lossy jpegs when enhancing.  An actual photographic expert would've known to always try and use raw data when available, not a browse jpeg, just saying.

A closer look using the much higher quality raw science images might shine a little more light on this subject. This item was captured on two Curiosity mastcam  
images during sol 184, the website browse versions can be seen here, and here. I put them together to give us a centralized view, and scaled the item for size.

We got lucky on that one, because there's a rover wheel print in the image to give us a decent scale. The item is ~8"x6"

 Lets zero in on this thing in both photos to see what it really looks like when enhanced properly. These were taken from slightly different angles

Note that what was teeth are not there, that's because they were artifact edges painted in. The  socket feature is curious, no need to paint it into SpongeBob

Not quite so SpongeBob in reality is it? Still looking Maya to anyone? I see a very curious little piece of a possible remnant, or perhaps just a strange little rock.
Surprisingly there was very little media complicity on this one, but then again, we see the date this was first put online; Oct 2014, long before their recent 'program'.
My question is how did this stay circulating so long without so much as being called out? Where are the actual skeptics? Anomaly hunters should have caught this.

  Join me on the next page as we look at another of these fallacies masquerading as an anomaly.

Mars Underground bases: NASA 'covering up existence of openings on Red Planet surface'

On a satellite I ride, nothing down below can hide"

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